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    Latest Guest Announcement - AMANDA TAPPING

    hi do u reckon she or Michael will do any talks? thank you
  2. AnnaSun

    Guest Suggestions

    Hi, Id love some guests NOT star wars or game of thrones please charmed, buffy, farscape, orphan black, stargate yes please thanks thank u
  3. AnnaSun

    Guest Suggestions

    i'd love any: farscape stargate sg-1 charmed orphan black adventure time etc etc
  4. Hi, I usually go alone coz I like my own company. I don't get to worry about what my friends are upto. I can chat to people in a queue for a guest and know we have something in common. Due to having Aspergers I can go at my own pace and leave when it gets too crowded or noisy! Annaxxx
  5. hi, where can i buy entry tickets online? thanks annasun
  6. AnnaSun

    Will there be talks this yr?

    Hi, Thank you Anna xxx
  7. Hi, Will there be paid for in advance and free talks this yr? If someone cancels and I have paid for a talk will i automatically get a refund like last time with Shanks and Tapping Stargate SG-1 talk? Thank you
  8. Hi, Charmed orFarscape please :) Annaxxx
  9. Hi, Great news! Thanks SM! Annaxxx
  10. Hi, Can I buy tickets for the Michael Shanks talk on the day? Thank you Annaxxx
  11. Hi, Guessing any talks will be updated this week? Thanks Annaxxx
  12. Hi, I hope there will be they're my highlight! Annaxxx
  13. Hi, Will there be any talks at this years convention? Thank you Annaxxx
  14. Hi, Excellent news! Farscape was the best show ever! Annaxxx