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  1. Will this affect other events with October dates like Hallowhedon too?
  2. Ooo - and would love to see James C Leary there too! SOOOO many requests for him can't be wrong surely?
  3. Great that you have announced Miracle - she's awesome! Would love to see more guests from Dollhouse and Firefly and also from Cabin in the Woods, Dr Horrible, Avengers, Agents of SHIELD, Much Ado etc if possible - I think getting more of a variety is the way forward, we've seen a lot of Buffy/Angel guests over the last few years (although they are fab obvs) so mix it up a bit and bring in a few more attendees perhaps? Fingers crossed :)
  4. Nice to see a Dollhouse guest announced! Miracle is lovely and well worth meeting :)
  5. My avatar is actually very me as some people think I am like a cute fluffy bunny but I can bite when I want/need to! I don't actually resemble the Beast of Caerbannog though
  6. That's why I was checking Alexis was in it - very good price & I should be getting one too! :)
  7. Cheers for the info Too Tall, at least we have a couple of days to budget! Can I check if Alexis will be in the group photo? Thanks :)
  8. Got mine too - thank you Yvie
  9. Reed Diamond is quite possible my favourite guest ever and probably one of the loveliest and most entertaining guests I've met too. Would love to see him at HW5 or HW6?
  10. That's a real shame, been trying to meet her for many years now and she keeps getting work! Good for her for getting so many roles though and I'm sure I'll get to meet her some day. Still a brilliant line up but wouldn't mind a replacement :)
  11. Very pleased to see a Spartacus guest announced :)
  12. Yes please to the bouncy castle - loved it last year! :)
  13. Would love to see BSG guests, so many I've still not had a chance to meet yet!
  14. Here's my favourite photos with Lena and Peter and the Iron Throne of course! :)
  15. YAY!!! Was really hoping the Throne would be back! I'm addicted to Throne photos!
  16. Now that would be awesome indeed and would explain the extra £5? Go on SM - make it so! :)
  17. I wondered about this too - is it a typo? Unlikely to be a typo as it is quoted on both the website and the online shop. Hmmm - will reconsider the double shot in that case
  18. AWESOME! She is lovely - will defo get double shoot with her and Peter as well! MUST finish my Cersei costume in time now!
  19. He was lovely to meet, so friendly and enthusiastic :) I did think his suit looked rather like Rook's but didn't realise it was the same one - very impressed! I was meeting him mostly for his role in Luther as it was one of the most chilling performances I remember seeing and it was great to meet him in person (sans hammer, lol!) Hopefully SM will be bringing him back in the future :)
  20. So pleased to see the Throne will be there - I have 2 photos with it from LFCC last year but will be getting another one in another GoT outfit :) Hope it will also be at LFCC again for yet another shot in yet another GoT costume!
  21. @corinne1993 I don't tweet that much though (apart from during Eurovision, so you're safe for a year!)
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