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  1. Ive been going to showmasters cons since 2009 and i know i know a lot of crew members but tomorrow my first time actually crewing any newbie tips?
  2. James Masters every time ive booked to see him with showmasters he has pulled out i was so excited to see him in cardiff in torchwood costume last year and he pulled out last minute for dresden audio tapes Nicholas Brendon because everything he's been through this year i just want to give him a bit hug
  3. If all photo shoots are now become e tickets how can you use a gift card to buy a photo shoot ticket at the event if normal photoshoot ticket aren't avaible to buy
  4. Usally they have 3 theme night at show master eventr g would guess power ranger theme will be saturday as that when most people cos play. Friday normal goes with generic themes like hawian but check website a couple of weeks before
  5. Paul and Jason made lfcc bearable for me this year. They where an utter delight i have no idea how they managed to be so amusing and have so much energy. Ive gone to a lot of cons and even more signings and have to say their top of my fav signing. I liked power rangers as a kid but not really enough for pecialised cn. After meeting paul and jason im not going to miss a chance of meeting them again. I really hope they go to night parties
  6. OMG YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS cant wait to meet Patrick Ness Derek Landry gonna be epic
  7. Im group b but my boyfriend is group a is there anyway we could still go to the singings together?
  8. I agree with Rhys hallowhedon is the best of the year because great bunch of fans all filled with epicness
  9. Again not overly suprised would love nick as a replacement but hes in san antonio comic con that weekend martin would love if we could get a replacement though pretty pretty please
  10. Seeing as you said that its wrist bands im guessing that the gold passes are the normal neck things ive got lupus arthiris so have to wear wrsit supports im a little worried that the band might come off and i dont let the rest of the talks would it be possible to get replacement if it does as other events ive been to bands dont stay on my supports
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