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  1. Corinne_Brown

    SHERLOCKED Dates and Venue revealed!

    Shame it clashes with Chevron
  2. Will this affect other events with October dates like Hallowhedon too?
  3. Corinne_Brown

    Guest Suggestions...go!

    Ooo - and would love to see James C Leary there too! SOOOO many requests for him can't be wrong surely?
  4. Corinne_Brown

    Guest Suggestions...go!

    Great that you have announced Miracle - she's awesome! Would love to see more guests from Dollhouse and Firefly and also from Cabin in the Woods, Dr Horrible, Avengers, Agents of SHIELD, Much Ado etc if possible - I think getting more of a variety is the way forward, we've seen a lot of Buffy/Angel guests over the last few years (although they are fab obvs) so mix it up a bit and bring in a few more attendees perhaps? Fingers crossed :)
  5. Corinne_Brown

    First Guest Announcement - Miracle Laurie

    Nice to see a Dollhouse guest announced! Miracle is lovely and well worth meeting :)
  6. Corinne_Brown

    Am I the only one?

    My avatar is actually very me as some people think I am like a cute fluffy bunny but I can bite when I want/need to! I don't actually resemble the Beast of Caerbannog though
  7. Corinne_Brown

    Group shot, photoshoot and autograph prices

    Thanks for the confirmation Mark :)
  8. Corinne_Brown

    Group shot, photoshoot and autograph prices

    That's why I was checking Alexis was in it - very good price & I should be getting one too! :)
  9. Corinne_Brown

    Group shot, photoshoot and autograph prices

    Cheers for the info Too Tall, at least we have a couple of days to budget! Can I check if Alexis will be in the group photo? Thanks :)
  10. Corinne_Brown

    Registration letters

    Got mine too - thank you Yvie
  11. Corinne_Brown

    Guest Requests for HW5

    Reed Diamond is quite possible my favourite guest ever and probably one of the loveliest and most entertaining guests I've met too. Would love to see him at HW5 or HW6?
  12. Corinne_Brown

    Amy Acker - Cancellation

    That's a real shame, been trying to meet her for many years now and she keeps getting work! Good for her for getting so many roles though and I'm sure I'll get to meet her some day. Still a brilliant line up but wouldn't mind a replacement :)
  13. Corinne_Brown

    Latest Guest Announcement - SHANE RANGI

    Very pleased to see a Spartacus guest announced :)
  14. Corinne_Brown

    Bouncy castle

    Yes please to the bouncy castle - loved it last year! :)
  15. Corinne_Brown

    Battlestar Galactica Guests ...

    Would love to see BSG guests, so many I've still not had a chance to meet yet!