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  1. Isnt it interesting that your so willing to accept a cancellation at an event whether music or convention but when other things are cancelled like trains, flights and ferry's everyone expects compensation........ Just and observation
  2. I agree that some sort of back up plan should be in place for this sort of occurence. I didnt know that Joe had Cancelled and he was the only guest that I was interested in. Fortunately I only travelled 95 miles each way and that it wasnt an expensive event. I have bought a gold ticket for Cheveron 7.5, booked a hotel, arranged cover at work and talked a friend into doing the same I am now a bit concerned about a similar fate befalling it. It is strange that you pay upfront quite a substantial sum and have no guarantee of the event featuring the advertised guests. Dont know of
  3. Dr McCoy... Jim... if you ask me, and you haven't, I think this is a terrible idea. We're bound to bump into the Klingons. And they don't exactly like you.
  4. Have seen on some of the other events they seem to set a theme for the evenings. Was wondering if the meet and greet/cocktail parties etc were themed?
  5. No apologies required. Your efforts are appreciated by the masses, if not by showmasters. If there had been some extracurricular activities I may have enticed a couple of mates along but as is will be a zero attendance from my neck of the woods. Was going to be my first cosplay but never mind...
  6. Hello all, Just wondered what had happened to the party plans? Any chance of it still happening?
  7. Have just booked my ticket and accomodation So who's up for a stargate team then?
  8. Just booked my gold ticket along with my mate.... First ever con Be gentle lol
  9. I could be interested in this......never thought about a group before lol
  10. It does get better and to be honest season 1 of SGA was better than SGU..... Only 3 episodes of SGU were really any good.
  11. They expunged the nudity.........the killjoys! Not as if there was any great amount of nudity going about in the whole series but "for crying out loud" as one well known individual might say lol
  12. I havent seen last weeks SGU yet but I'm not impressed with it. They are a whiney bunch. SGA was far superior. Just seems to me they wanted to draw in a teenage crowd and forgot about the younger ones and the ones that actually have money to spend when the advert breaks are on. Smacks of the 200th episode of SG1 when they were going to recast the team with an younger edgier look. Watching it but not bothered if I see it or not really.
  13. So, Any word of that thing yet? Would it be a party thing
  14. Have a been a big fan since series one so would love to meet some of the stars. They have NCIS/JAG joint cons in the states I believe.....
  15. Not a Wheedon fan but was getting into firefly and then like a lot of good shows on scifi/syfy it got canned. Loved Jewel Staite in SGA though
  16. Am interested to hear the final word on this too. Most stargate costumes have some element of weaponary. Alien weapons that do not imitate "real steel" are easy but P90's, MP5's and G36's that to the casual observer appear real can be problematic. The peacebonding I have seen in many pictures from the states with a nice coloured ribbon secured to the weapons to give a visual reassurance. When I airsoft in more public places we place warning signs to advise people and reduce anxiety. They normally take the form of posters/placards stating "Military simulation beyond t
  17. Am trying to talk my mate into going to chevron so if he is up for it I will bring my stargate gear......too much to mention. I would be willing to loan out a few items of uniform/vests to people to form up a good sized group if that helped.... Will get back to you soonest.
  18. As a well known former Jaffa would say "Indeed"
  19. Am hoping to get to Collectormainia Glasgow this year. A friend of mine accidently ended up there last year on a shopping trip and fancies a return trip. From youtube it seems the main costumes are Star Wars ie the 501st. I am mainly a stargate/star trek fan - are there many people that do that? As for the masquerade - most Stargate costumes are bought items added together with a few mods so would that be eligible?
  20. Hi all, New to the forums and saw this so thought I would introduce myself..... My name is Norman, I live in South West Scotland and am far too old to be into scifi and costuming - so I am told lol Havent been to any cons yet - was meant to be going to Stargate convention Stargate convention in Canada but things arent looking good for that unfortunately. Am a big Stargate fan (except SGU - it sucks) but like most sci fi. Loved BSG when I got into it and am quite enjoying the new version of "V" but the uniforms just dont have the same impact as the original - just showing my age the
  21. Hi, New to the forums here and was wondering what the deal was with the cosplay . I am mainly a sci fi fan and airsoft player. I have more than a few stargate costumes and have never been to a con or anything similar.... Was looking to get into it.
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