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  1. How long have we got to decide if want to request a refund? I've spent hundreds just to meet him and I know these things happen but it's way to late now to try get hotel, train and flights refunded . I don't if I will be able to afford to go in Summer.
  2. Hey thanks everyone for the replying. I ended up just going for the Easy hotel at South Kensington. Got a good discount so was only £35.
  3. Hi can any recommend a hotel near by the event. I wasn't planning on staying overnight but with travel time it will be a lot easier. So far easy hotel is the cheapest I've seen that's not a hostel. Thanks for any help.
  4. Hey thanks for your help. I just went for Dimond pass. I will probably be travelling down and back again on the day so having the Dimond pass might make me feel a bit less rushed. Got batch 2 for Sunday
  5. Is diamond pass worth it? Could buy everything seperate and save £35. I'm sure the dog tags are cool but will be worth that? Is the the first couple rows of talk for diamond pass holders?
  6. I had a good time on Saturday. I've gone to every Glasgow con and this is the first time ever I've had to wait so long to get in. I was about a hour and a half in the queue but I'm glad I did or I'm not sure I would have got Sean Astin's autograph. Also those little admit one tickets isn't some one meant to collect them at the door? I still have mine because no one was taking them. I went to Sean Astin's auto first and was glad they were doing virtual queuing and was told was probably going to be about 2 hours. I did ask if they would be updating what number they were up to online maybe on twitter but was told no you just had to keep coming back and check the board. I think that backfired a little because when I came back there was quite a lot of people standing around watching the board. I didn't spend a lot in the stalls and was planning on getting a Sean Astin photo shoot but was a bit late in the day and decided to just leave it. I love Brehead as a venue but I just not sure it's big enough any more.
  7. I missed the Burn Gorman talk today, bad timing on my part. Just caught the last question. Just wondering if people could give me the high lights? Especially any info on Pacific Rim:)
  8. Hi I'm crewing at Glasgow and would like to change to vouchers. Is it the crew@showmastersonline.com email I would send the details to? Thanks
  9. Great guest:) Really hope he will be doing a talk, would love to hear any info about Pacific rim 2:)
  10. I crewed yesterday and just went today for the stalls. Got 2 film cells and awesome Lord of the rings art print collection:)
  11. I do go to Glasgow collecto for the stalls but thats because there are never realy any geusts I want to meet and I only go cause I live 10 minutes away. I have never liked the attitude some people have that just be glad you even have a event. Glasgow is not the end of the world and seeing all the latest geust announcemts being for EMS has been a bit rubbish as I don't see why even a couple of them could have been added to Glasgow instead.
  12. I can never resist a auction:) I especialy like getting the mugs that are usualy only availble for gold pass holder at events:)
  13. You will also need to confirm back to say you can still work the hours applied for when you receive your crewing email Hey luckily I am getting to crew:) Will there be Tshirts for Glasgow crew this time or will be best to bring my one from London last year?
  14. I do think it's a good idea to have more staff than needed just incase but not to then send them home. I have crewed befour and would be very dissapointed after getting up at 6 in the morning just to be told I wasn't needed and to go home. I think it would put people off. x
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