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  1. hi in regards to tickets for the photo i have already brought a photoshoot with ernie hudson is there a way i can upgrade to include ecto 1 thanks
  2. to me shelocked i dont care i have never watched this and consider it pants lol.. Stargate wins hands down i cant be the only one who thinks this way
  3. tonytck

    Hotel booking

    still no code is there is no rooms left that i can stay in then i just wont go can't be bothered looking for other hotels. stoopping at ones besides where the con is just a ball=ache
  4. tonytck

    Hotel booking

    maybe ppl like me get the hotel booked then buy the ticket afterwards so they could be waiting on that
  5. tonytck

    Hotel booking

    hope we can get rooms still
  6. tonytck

    Hotel booking

    hotel code coming in late
  7. i shall find out on the facebook
  8. there are some places all with a nice drive away. but it is like being in the middle of no where.
  9. Hi dude you will really enjoy everyone is friendly and we are like a big family look out for me and others at the bar.
  10. HI people has soon as we heard paul mcgillion and dave hewlett was on the guest list we all wanted live commentary of the episode duet. but is anymore that would be great what do you think ?
  11. i have seen showmasters advertise on facebook before maybe some contactual issues
  12. awesome guest and not some one i was expecting will be an amazing weekender not long to go
  13. Yeap just like a motorway service station captive audience lol
  14. They hlold your card details incase you dont turn up and they charge for not canceling your room but you can pay for everything when you leave anyhows so shouldn't be a problem,
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