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  1. There seem to have been an awful lot of cancellations and I haven't seen any replacements? Will there be any last minute additions or is this it now?
  2. Hi I missed getting an auto with RDA last time because of the insane queue and all the gold pass holders getting priority. I tried for a whole day and didn't even move. If I buy a diamond pass for say, Friday, am I guaranteed an auto that day as I can't come back? What if my number is called out before I've actually gotten into the venue? Will I still be given priority, or would I have to go to the back of the queue like everyone else?
  3. Thanks! I'll let her know, as I'm sure we'll be heading to his queue for tickets before anything else!
  4. Hi guys We've booked tickets for the photos, but my friend would also love an auto. Will we need to get numbered tickets for Aaron or just get in a queue. I know last year it depended on the guest. Thanks
  5. I just wanted to pop on and say my friend and I came to the Saturday event on a standard ticket, and had a great time. The queues were very reasonable sizes and well handled, and inside didn't seem overcrowded at all. When we asked staff for help, they actually had the answers, and things seemed to be laid out well. I'm posting this, as we actually had a bit of a horrendous time at the London show, and it put us off a wee bit, but comments made on here did seem to have been put in action at this con - for instance the schedules were displayed better, and the photo shoot one was crossed off as each guest had finished, so you could see what was happening - this didn't seem to happen a lot at the LFCC and you were left wondering if it was time to queue for your guest or not. I didn't see any rude staff either, and it was nice to see the chap on the photo queue back in action, as he was very very helpful at London when we had a clash due to a shoot over run! The guests were all lovely, and it was just much more laid back. I think room was the issue at London, I felt claustrophobic and at some points quite dizzy with the crowds and heat. I hear more has been allocated next year, so fingers crossed, and well done on this one, it was a pleasure!
  6. We saw the talk yesterday and had photos and he was fine - You Can Call Me Al was playing when we got in for our pics, and he stopped the photographer so he could do that dance from the video! He seemed happy enough, and was putting his arm around people, or sometimes shaking hands with the guys. Don't be put off by comments, always go for it if you want to meet someone. They're human and have bad days like all of us, after all! He does give very long answers in the talks though hehehe!
  7. It's on the floor, in the corner under the photo shoot area. There was no queues yesterday when we picked up Sam Anderson shots at 11am
  8. I was really annoyed halfway through MB's talk that loud music started playing from the other side the arena. His mike wasn't great, but with the music as well it was ridiculous. I don't understand playing music when a talk is in????
  9. Right, so if we have a photo op or want to buy another photo op (We want Sam Anderson) then we just head to each corner and we'll eventually find the right one? Sounds easy enough!
  10. We don't have early entry, but have MB photos. I take it we just go to the afternoon session?
  11. It's okay if you actually get an auto. I didn't at LFCC and I know a lot of other attendees that didn't, either.
  12. Well, that's me not even going to bother trying to get autos then.
  13. I missed out on an auto with RDA, and I saw gold pass people going to the front, not the back. I've also seen at least TWO of them admit on here they went back THREE times. No wonder I didn't stand a chance. VQ tickets are a good idea, but they need tweaking. Yes Gold's should have SOME priority, but blimey, three times!!!!
  14. Please tell me this event won't need the evil VQ tickets?
  15. I definitely would like him back, couldn't get an auto, even though I did get in pretty quickly! Ticket 399! Not a chance!
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