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  1. Travelling from - Verwood (Where?) Travel arrangements - Coach, Underground Hotel - Paramount Days - Sat/Sun Who are you going with - Alone. I have no friends. Are you cosplaying - No Autograph list - None Photoshoot list - David Wenham Predicted cost of LFCC for you so far - £160 - I'm not rich in the slightest. Incl. Hotel cost.
  2. I feel for the people who bought tickets and got their hopes up. Last second cancellations are the worst.
  3. So long as people don't occupy the toilets again to get changed that'd be grand. Waiting 30 minutes for an available stall wasn't funny.
  4. Bournemouth. Attending on my own again like last year, and staying in London on my own for the first time also.
  5. Great, I'm going to get someone probably taller than me sat in front.
  6. Anyone from Zenescope will be a big hit. Raven Gregory, Pat Shand, Larry Watts...to name a few.
  7. I waited four hours for my Christopher Judge reshoot ones turns out they had been printed off ages ago but someone lost them.
  8. Woooooop. And I'm getting it all planned now!
  9. You weren't the only one to have encountered a rude crew member.
  10. Aha had to wait four hours to get my picture with Christopher Judge. The reshoot got taken at 2:20pm as there was only 6 of us who missed the morning shoot due to the tube being rubbish and having problems at Earls Court. So by 6:15pm I was in a queue going into the printers room with the other guys from the shoot and the first thing the bloke at the computer says..."Christopher Judge reshoot? I've already printed those out ages ago." - ...uh. Some organization really seemed to be the only flaw. Lack of communication and some of the crew need a lesson in manners (From my encounter in the morning) instead of walking away from me whilst I'm mid sentence. Trust me I was fuming and wanted to hurl my phone at the wall. But other than that I'm grateful I was at the convention and walked round it a million times. My advice....buy another couple of computers and more printers. If the events are going to get bigger with the guests its only natural to speed things up. Liked the fact the autographs took place on the other side of the Olympia building it would have been cramped otherwise like it usually gets at Earls Court 2. Would recommend the venue again instead of EC2. Especially as the upper gallery is a great place to relax whilst it was raining. Erm, If I've left anything out I'll be sure to come back and jot it down.
  11. The fact he commented back to me when I told him I wished I hadn't trimmed my beard left me with a nervous twitch. I couldn't control my face during the photoshoot. Arghhhh
  12. I know the cut off date has been activated now, but this is purely a question out of curiosity. From what I can tell people who help crew the shows get brief opportunities to get autographs and photos with some of the guests. You have to pay for autographs but I cant see anything regarding photos. Do crew need to still buy tickets to the guests they want photos (knowing there's a limit to how many guests you can get photos with) too or am I foolishly thinking its free?
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