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  1. According to media 10 on twitter, it's going to be the TOS bridge.
  2. Lucienight

    your favs?

    Doctor: Christopher Eccleston Companion: Rose New series ep: Blink Least Watched: prob The fires of Pompeii Haven't watched old/classic Who.
  3. I thought the same when I read that, I must've blinked when he was on screen then He was indeed. Although 5 seconds was being a tad generous. Id say more like 2.... or 1
  4. A 2009 list would be very useful.
  5. Sat 11am in the talk / photoshoot times thread.
  6. Yep completely agree. I was really excited about his event but the way its going its not looking good. I really enjoyed Eclipse and was hoping for this to be similar but with only 2 guests and just 2 weeks to go its looking dire. Certainly not worth the money I have paid. I bought a ticket in good faith as SM have always been good at getting RD guests in the past. I won't be doing that again, in future I will wait until I am happy with the line up before buying and risk not being able to get a ticket as I can't afford to spend money on events which are not value for money.
  7. I just booked the hotel and it cost £52 which is less than the advertised con rate....
  8. Thats good news. Hes my fav Doctor Who writer. Far better than RTD.
  9. hi keep a look out for the eclipse web site comeing soon brian Thanks, will keep checking!
  10. Yep they seem to have gone. Thats a shame was just about to send a link to my friend as there was 2 of us with Jessalyn.
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