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  1. This is on the preorder web page and where I sent in my item for London. Please note the new send in address Showmasters Pre Orders 18 Heol Gwynno Llantrisant CF728DD UK
  2. Hi can u confirm if the refunds have been issued for maya stojan for the pre-orders. Not received anything yet. Thanks Emma
  3. Hi, just checking. I pre-ordered MAYA STOJAN who has now cancelled. I assume refunds will be issued quickly. I also sent my item in to be signed with another item for a guest. Will the none signed item be sent back with my other item which will hopefully be signed by the other guest after the event. Thanks Emma
  4. Have the pre-order autographs all sold out for Hayley Atwell? If so that was quick and I am sad
  5. thanatos


    Try edding 751 paint pens, I alway use them and they are great and bright.
  6. Brian Steele would be a great guest He covers: Predators .... Berserker Predator Terminator Salvation.... T-600 Performer Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.... Big Lycan/ Creature Performer Hellboy II: The Golden Army .... Wink / Cronie / Spice Shop Troll / Cathedral Head / Fragglewump Resident Evil: Extinction .... Rancid / Tyrant Underworld: Evolution ... William Doom .... Hell Knight / Curtis Stahl Blade: Trinity .... Drake Creature Hellboy.... Sammael Underworld.... Werewolf Men in Black II.... Sharkmouth Plus lots more
  7. I need to book parking aswell so any info from SM would be great
  8. all I have is a picture of her and Greg together. I've not managed to find much more.
  9. I'm defo booked I've got the same email confirmation as Davidb, I can't remember the lady's name that I spoke to, I do remember it began with a "P". Just ask for the lady who works there with the name starting with "P" When I booked she knew who massive events were and gave me the right price for the rooms. Very strange
  10. I've justed booked, are you ringing the special number from the website 0208 624 4004 they are available 9am to 5.30pm monday to friday only. Just need to buy my tickets now
  11. OK, I didn't say Neil Marshall as I've already met him, but I think he'd be a great guest again
  12. Please please please......Especially: Rhona Mitra - Also cause she is in the new Underworld, Nip/Tuck Rhona Mitra Rhona Mitra Rhona Mitra Adrian Lester - Also Hustle Craig Conway Malcolm McDowell Alexander Siddig
  13. Take a look at ebay num 120285941341 this guy or girl has already got a bid starting at £130, that is
  14. All they need to do now is get his brother to come along! that would be really cool
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