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  1. I got mine today... and it says... G1 -MtS.Tyra, the one who was hoping for that one...
  2. Thankfully the agent in question is a good friend of ours so it was more of a "What the hell is this, are you pimping my client?!?!" tongue in cheek comment. But it did make the point that to some agents or actors it may look at BIT odd. But James might not be as opposed to the INTIMATE part of it... If you remember the beginning of his Q&A @ C11... the thing with his manager... they talked about Steve (the manager) pimping James... You can find the transcript of that Q&A @ James' official European site -MtS.Tyra, the one hopelessly addicted to James Marsters
  3. mts.tyra


    I agree entirely. As nice as it was to meet Lachlan, it's no longer really relevant to have him back again. Also think it's not right to have a poll with one option (democracy?!). That said, there's no real point in having Freema or James at The Hub. They are only in S2 and plus Burn and Naoko did leave in S2 so there not really relevant in S3. I liked him at Hub1 breath of fresh air and wonderful stories of what it was like on set. You know what really annoys me??? The fact that people assume that only the main characters or the characters of the current series(*) are of importance! As I'm non-UK based, there's a good chance that I haven't even seen S3 come October... I know, I know... You can download about anything from the internet, but still... You shouldn't focuse solely on the above mentioned (*) characters, there are a lot of people like me, who think that even minor characters, who have had a great influence on the events in the series, are worth meeting! Here endeth the rant. -MtS.Tyra, the one who doesn't like people dissing others just because they're not "in" at the moment ps. this isn't directed at ME/Showmasters, but towards the overall atmosphere here
  4. It's such a shame that this competition is a UK ONLY thing... I'd have loved to do something like this... -MtS.Tyra, the one feeling a bit neglected at the moment
  5. I actually have an idea for the Halloween Ball... (and it's not my originial "prancing around naked" either) The thing is, how on Earth am I going to fit everything into my suitcase? I'm doing both the Hub3 and Hallowhedon, and I'm not flying back to Finland in between... Any suggestions? Then again, I could go and find myself a pair of white shorts, a Hawaiian shirt (the kind Xander loves), a pair of large sunglasses and a white canvas hat. Las Vegas has always had its fair share of tourists... -MtS.Tyra, the one who needs a bigger suitcase
  6. Yup! I used that line in the Hub2 introductions... But at least I got to say that I'm younger than you.... -MtS.Tyra, the one who'll start to lie about her age soon
  7. Well... I guess I must add my £0.02 too First and foremost: James Marsters Do I even have to say why??? Russell T. Davies Freema Agyeman Chris Chibnall Curtis Rivers and from the one's that've already done the Hub: Kai / GDL Eve / Tom / Lachlan Burn Gorman -MtS.Tyra, the one who really doesn't know how to count... ps. when are you updating your list again???
  8. 1. Name: Tyra (my real name is phonetically almost the same) 2. Age: piksa stole my line!!! "Older than Gareth, younger than Kai" (but I'm younger than her...) 3. Location: Finland 4. Ticket type: Gold 5. Reasons for going: Been to both previous ones, and loved it. I guess these things are addictive... And it's not just the guests, the whole atmosphere is awesome! 6. Pic of me
  9. Puoli vuotta on kulunut, eikä kukaan ole uskaltanut tunnustaa... Pelkurit!!!! Nooh, voinhan minä aina ittekseni jutella... -MtS.Tyra, jonka mielestä ei ole häpeä olla suomalainen
  10. Strangely enough, I didn't even notice DB there... All I saw was Andy Hallett and I went gaga .. I'd actually prefer Lorne to Angel anyway... So, how about those earplugs? -MtS.Tyra, the one who truly can't sing
  11. YAY!!!! Does this mean I get to play Texas Hold'em??? And that certain someone on the "banner/announcment" thingy gives me ideas that are too good to be true... YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! -MtS.Tyra, the one who loves to play poker ps. if there really is karaoke, are complimentary earplugs provided? Just in case I decide to get up and sing...
  12. SJ, I did indeed read the "fine print" written by Too Tall.. However... 5 minutes for a bathroom break?!? Did you see the queues???? The mother&daughter who lost their seats... that was the case of child reserving the seats (doesn't that constitute as leaving something on the seat) as mother went to the loo. I think that people are checking their stopwatches to see when those 5mins are up, and then they move up to those seats. I seem to recall at least two people being asked to leave from the gold section... I think they were standard ticket holders. -MtS.Tyra, the one whose seat was held for her bathroom&cigarrette brakes only... BTW I lost my seat when I went to Kai's intimate encounter
  13. I wish it would be true reserved seating... At least in H2 Gold people had the assigned rows, but if you left the talk area (and didn't have a friend nearby who could hold your seat) people took them over. At H1 we were allowed to reserve our seats with our own stuff, but at H2 it wasn't so (or at least we weren't told if it was). I sat all Sunday next to a mother&daughter who refused to leave their seats for any reason (not even to go to the loo), 'cause their seats were taken on Sat (even though the daughter actually tried to reserve 'em by sitting on 'em). They were kind enough to hold my seat... it seems that my crutch is actually an advantage in some way... -MtS.Tyra, the one who ought to be working now
  14. So many good things already mentioned... but I think I'd like to add a couple more... Tom recording a new message for his mobile's answering service -I truly pity the person who has to hear all that screaming Gareth figuring out that calling me "The Tall Swedish" is as much of an insult as calling a Welshman English -I loved to play Texas Hold'em... *wants to do it in the next Hub as well* Kai & Tom's messaging service during their intimate encounters... Burn hugging me real hard from behind at the photo-op -Because I'm as tall as I am, people don't normally want to be behind me The Gansta-Rapper photo-shoot with Tom Overall, the Hub 2 ROCKED -MtS.Tyra, the one who'd have wanted it to continue at least for a couple of days more
  15. That PJ Party sure sounds wonderful... And somehow I think that '60s/'70s Free Love -party would go well with the Torchwood crowd. -MtS.Tyra, the one who'd like to dress up as something sometime... just as long as the costume wouldn't take up too much luggage space
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