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    Account Deletion

    Can someone tell me the easiest way to get my SM forum account closed or deleted? I've emailed showmasters but i never get a reply. Could a mod deleye my account? Thanks Lee
  2. lee1987@mac.com

    points that we feel need to be discussed

    I still believe that Showmasters need to do less events a year. If they have less events but more guests at the shows they do have, then more poeple are likely to make the journey and spend more money. I understand they want as many people to eaily be able to attend they're shows but why not ease the load and have one Collectormania MK, one CM Midands ect
  3. lee1987@mac.com

    Mark Hamill

    Mark Hamill is generaly a nice guy but it's when he has Derek Malki prodding him in the back insisting he does anything he can to get more money that makes the guest unhappy. Remember how misserable Carrie Fisher was at Collectormania 6? Malki was teling her not to talk to the fans and sign as quick as possible. Fast forward to the LFCC event where ahe appeared and she was a different person, posing for photos and chatting to the fans. Why was that? Becuase Malki wasn't there Mark Hamill would do the US Celebration events but they're unwilling (rightfully so) to pay $50,000 to turn up and charge $150 an autograph. It's insane
  4. lee1987@mac.com

    Mark Hamill

    The problem is that since he want's less and less to do with Star Wars and wants to difinciate from it completely it's costing more and more to do any kind of apparenaces and signings. Since he was charging £85 last year, he's put his auto prices up in the USA too. When channel 4 did bring back Star Wars he wanted $50,000 just to appear for a quick interview. Putting it simply, he wants nothing to do with star wars unless the HUGE price is right
  5. lee1987@mac.com

    Mark Hamill

    Never going to happen at a showmasters event though as he wants £85 an autograph and showmasters won't go anywhere near that much especially when Carrie Firsher is only £25
  6. lee1987@mac.com

    more guests and start of cancelations

    ^^^^^^ That's exactly what i was getting. I understand that showmatsers want as many people as possible to be able to attend their events but surely it would be better on the fans and showmasters to have less events each year and more guests per show. You'll probably fine that there's more chance of people making the long journey to these events and spending more money. I spent over £400 at Collectormania 6 and £300 at Collectormania 7. Why not one MK show, one manchester, one Midlands ect show a year?
  7. lee1987@mac.com

    more guests and start of cancelations

    i did not think this years LFCC was crap maybe i am wrong ? and maybe its getting harder to impress people that have the chance to meet so many guests over the years ? jason I didn't comment on LFCC this year becuase i didn't attend because of work
  8. lee1987@mac.com

    more guests and start of cancelations

    Just seems like the SM events recently are a far cry from the awesome events like Collectormania 6/7. Those events used to have loads of guests inlcuding Alan Cumming,Bernard Hill, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams as well as HUGE seperate reunions of 30 star wars and 30 dr who guests at the same time They are events i used to enjoy
  9. lee1987@mac.com

    more guests and start of cancelations

    In my opinion, because the sheer lack of guests, i doubt there will be huge turn out compared to the LFCC events fr example. Taking that into consideration, i'd be surprised if Richard Dreyfuss actually turns up becuase he would be a alot busier and make more money at another event
  10. lee1987@mac.com

    Where are the Rocky guests?

    Where are any guests for that matter
  11. lee1987@mac.com

    come on showmasters..

    I agree. I need a few more varied guests to attend before i take the 4 hour journey
  12. lee1987@mac.com

    what A list guests do you want to see ?

    Leslie Nielson Linda Hamilton Both of them are doing a show in the US soon Then i'd like Aaron Ackhart Gary Oldman Cillian Murphy Sly Stalone
  13. personally, i feel Showmasters are doing way too many events and in turn, there are less guests for each show and they are less of a WOW factor.
  14. lee1987@mac.com

    Latest Guest Announcement Christopher Lloyd

    How much is he going to be?
  15. lee1987@mac.com

    latest Guest Announcement Santiago Cabrera

    Can i just check that he'll be there on Saturday, Sunday and Monday? I plan to go on Monday Awesome Guest