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  1. Photo CD and Goody Bag?

    I've often considered buying a Gold Pass, but never plucked up the courage as sods law says the minute I do the main guests I'd want would cancel lol! Do you mind me asking what autographs you get as part of your pack please?
  2. Just started following, great idea :)
  3. I saw Lizzie Rogan, the nurse from the 2008 episode of Torchwood called "To the Last Man". You might remember her as the nurse who kept shouting "You shouldn't be here"! Mind you, she is the girlfriend of one of my best friends, Aled, and we had arranged to meet them there lol so it probably doesn't count :)
  4. Was it fair

    I noticed on Saturday the queue and pay line was being allowed in at the same time as our pre paid line, and while I couldn't swear on it I don't ever recall this happenng before. I mentioned it to a couple of friends and they couldn't remember it either. On Sunday I made a point of looking again, and as our pre pay was going in the queuing to pay line was still being held outside. We were so keen to get Peter Facinelli, that at 7.30am ish on Sunday we considered getting out of our 28th place in the prepay queue to join the shorter pay on the door queue. Decided against it though, and am now glad we did lol! I don't know what SM policy is, but it was definitely different on each of the two days.
  5. Back at one of the very early Collectormania MK's, I had collected Jeremy Bulloch, Ray Park, Dave Prowse and Temeura Morrison. Sitting outside Costa with a coffee, a woman shoved past and knocked my coffee off the table into my bag. The ink ran, the photo's were ruined, but amazingly she gave me the cash to go and replace them.
  6. Peter Facinelli update

    It does seem not everyone at SM was aware of what was happening regarding Peter and Sunday. We were told about keeping our photoshoot tickets for free entry Sunday around 9.30am on Saturday. We were worried we'd heard wrong so went and double checked a couple of hours later for confirmation. It's a real shame the message didn't get through to everyone, as I think SM were trying their best to make good an unfortunate circumstance.
  7. Just found Too Tall, he has confirmed what we were told yesterday. It was Jason we spoke to yesterday, so thanks Jason and thanks Stewart. Nice one Showmasters, much appreciated.
  8. We arrived at Earls Court about 10mins ago, 7.15am and there's approx 30 people in prepay queue and 15 people in the pay at door queue.
  9. I'm getting slightly concerned at the conflicting advice that friends in similar situations to us are being told regardng Saturday tickets being used on Sunday. We spoke to one of the guys in charge (wearing green Hawiian shirt with Pulp Fiction T-shirt beneath) who said we could both come back to the early bird pre paid queue tomorrow and both get in with our photo shoot ticket. We went back later to double check with another woman as we were worried this wouldn't filter through easily to crew members. She said don't worry, and she'll make sure she's on the gate for early birds so we wouldn't have a problem. I must stress that both SM people were very polite, and extremely helpful. A friend in exactly the same situation as us was told by an older lady from SM that she wouldn't be allowed before 11am tomorrow. Now as Sunday is going to be mental, we plan to get outside the pre paid door some time between 5 & 6am. Fingers crossed we'll not have a problem, but am still kinda nervous there's going to be a battle to get in. Just have to wait and see I guess :)
  10. That's certainly what they were telling folks today :)
  11. Peter's photoshoot on Sunday was being advertised on a poster I saw today for 12.05pm. They've said they'll honour Saturday photoshoot tickets on Sunday, so presumably it's going to be extra busy tomorrow.
  12. Poor Showmasters! We've just got home and they're going through the wringer over this Facinelli mishap. In fairness, the staff at the enquiry desk were doing a bloody good job under the pressure, and Peter too was doing a great job helping out via his iPhone app. Well done all for the way this has been dealt with. Pleased to say that Gemma has Alex and Justin in the bag, and I completed my Ashes to Ashes cast with Keeley. We're early birding again tomorrow for Peter, so all being well it'll turn out alright in the end.
  13. OMG, what a let down. First time we've ever bought tickets in advance, and a photoshoot. Up at 6am, and Peter's forgotten his passport. Don't think we'll be able to afford to go to tomorrow now, and he was our main reason for attending. Presumably there's only one flight per day from the US to London.....?
  14. Just wanted to add to the end of my thread that our tickets arrived this morning, though it was by standard 1st class post not recorded delivery. The main thing is I am really pleased they're here, so thank you Showmasters. I'll need to check our bank account details to see if I was charged the extra £2, and if I was then I'll look forward to receiving it back in due course.
  15. Evening, Using my other half's account as I don't have one of my own. I ordered 2 early bird Saturday tickets and 1 Peter Facinelli photo shoot on 5th July, checked the payment and went through the credit card authorisation so I can be certain the details I entered were correct. I also took a screenshot before I completed so I could check back on what I'd entered. I'm a bit nervous that 8 days later and with less than a week to go the money hasn't gone out of my account yet, so obvioulsy there are no tickets on my door mat. Can anyone from Showmasters help me out please? I've scoured the payment page and checked my account for the order status but it shows no progress or way to get in touch. I can confirm the order confirmation and my customer number by private message, it wouldn't be sensible to put it on the forum, would it?! Thanks, Gemma