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  1. you can ask declan shalvey,the award winning irish artist and international ladies man.
  2. has anyone else clocked this event,to be held at the 02? is showmasters involved in this caper? the tickets seem a bit pricey,but at least it'll give anthony daniels a chance to dust off his dj.
  3. he does a ton of stuff in the states,and would probably play with his band.
  4. didn't the thread ask for a-listers? ford,notwithstanding.
  5. you could set up a via sattelite videolink and do an amazing q&a session. after all,its not all about the signings and autographs,is it?
  6. any or all of the cast of WATCHMEN..
  7. i think i've been to every london FILM and COMIC con and there's never been any guests of note from the world of comics,ever. the title does seem a bit pointless.
  8. brad pitt, doug bradley, bruce campbell, liam neeson, jeremy bulloch. that'll do me.
  9. when in LA last november,we did the obligatory studio tours,and whilst on one of them... warner bros? paramount? can't remember... we were taken past/through the set and outside locations for this series. the main actor looked very unremarkable,in the cold light of day,and sadly we couldn't take any pics cos it was the pilot they were shooting and it was all under wraps. funny,seeing this section,it's obviously very popular now...
  10. "...and they all lived happily in the land of tir na nog!" quite possibly the worst line of dialogue spoken in the funniest oirish accent,ever,in the history of films,uttered by one of the sexiest women in cinema. i think i'd like to meet... might be too nervous,though... like i was with margot kidder. had to meet her,but couldn't approach the table,i was too starstruck!
  11. there's a small press publisher out there called MOONFACE PRESS. they do great little one-shot comic books,entirely self contained stories,so you can pick them up,read them and enjoy... currently,they have a book available called SEPTIC ISLE,a post-modern bondian spy thriller,with a twist. it's written by ANDY WINTER,with art by MICK TRIMBLE. check it out at www.britainisbroken.com
  12. any of the new star trek cast?
  13. i'm sure that the majority of people who attend showmasters events are clued up enought to be familiar with upcoming film projects,and the success expected of them,and in turn the level of attractiveness of the stars of those films. or are you seriously undermining the expectations of your public? like,do you not credit them with the intelligence to make an educated guess as to wether or not a film is going be a success and the stars of a film are going to be worth meeting for future reference? i didn't think showmasters events attendees were all that dumb. some of the crew,i'm not so sure... and dave gibbons would be a great guest. he could bring some pictures,too... do a little presentation?
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