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  1. Both Kim and myslef will be there all 3 days, as usual lol.
  2. I tried accessing the collectormania site, but got an error page saying the internet didnt have permission to access it. I need to contact Jola about an refund ive had, and have no idea why. Anyone else having trouble accessing www.collectormania.com ?
  3. Amanda Tapping Rachael Luttrell Avery Brooks Just the 3 this time so far. Hope to get pictures as well if i can afford it. Im getting married in August so have to save as well haha
  4. OMG yes! To have him and Amanda at the same show and meet both would be the best.
  5. I came across Collectormania in Spirit & Destiny mag of all places. They had an ad in there mid way through the mag. I hopped on the site and saw that James Marsters was going to be there and decided there and then that i was going.... period! I roped my fiances mum into going as well and we had a blast. We missed James on the Sunday, so on the monday we were 1 of the crazy 1s queueing at 3 am to meet him. It was well worth the freezing cold and lack of sleep though. He was a diamond. He told us we were crazy for standing in those temperatures for that long just to meet him lol. Of course we met him last time he was there, and he remembered me which was the best! It was smiles and hugs all round from him when we had pics done with him. We also enjoyed meeting Michael shanks, Chris Judge, Kevin Sorbo who gave me a bear hug lol, Kate Mulgrew who cooed over my son who was 3 mths at the time, John Barrowman, Kai Owen and Eve Myles, and of course Paul McGillion to name a few. I'm really hoping to go in June, but with my wedding only 2 months later its going to be a squeeze for funds. Really want to meet Amanda, then all i have to do is get Richard Dean Anderson to complete my SG-1 autos. (good luck with that, yeeah i know lol)
  6. JM grabbing my hand as i went to leave his photo session lol Also meeting the rest of the Torchwood cast, they were all great.
  7. Ok here are some of mine. Me with Conner Trinneer Kim with June Whitfield Me with the Picard look-a-like Me and Kai Owen James at the party Kai hosting.
  8. Well said. Plus JM doesnt personalise any way, plus he had hurt his arm. But when he has open queues, hes happy to have a pic. But he's ALWAYS happy to have a chat with his fans, as he loves us all. EM and JB are the same, they love their fans and are happy to have a wuick chat. Kai Owen was also lovely, had 2 pics with me coz HE didnt like the 1st one, and was happy to chat away. As for the above post, i believe its called 'PUSHING IN'. I saw loads of people pushing in the queues, just walking up and joining their friends that had been standing there for hours. Bit off if you ask me.
  9. Im sorry, but does it really matter if someone changes their signature? Everyone does it. I mean look at Nicolas Cage, his auto has changed everytime he signs something lol. My other half has several of his, and they're all different but they're all authentic as well.
  10. Oh give the crew a break The saturday and sunday shoots were heaving, there was a huge rush on the image collection, and they hardly had time to get the photos out before the owners wanted to collect. They hardly had time to replace those that were collected with new ones, before others wanted theirs. And you also have to remember that some of the photos got scratched when printing, so they had to be reprinted which took time. And if you didntwant yours as soon as they were out,you wouldnt have to come back. I waited a while before collecting mine, so the rush wasnt as bad, and i found them straight away. Patience is key at these events. As for you saying your surprised to see them being printed at boots, where did you think they got them done? Did you think they had their own printing booth or summat?
  11. It's not weird, it hurts when he has to write a lot He broke his hand or so in the past and it never healed properly so to limit the pain as much as possible he decided to sign more autographs without personalising than only some with personalising. Plus he hurt his arm as well. He told me he had hurt it this weekend, which is partly why he only did 4 songs at the party. And i dont think the press-ups he did before his photo session on saturday helped lol.
  12. Brandon: I see you every time in MK, and you're always nice. Ive spoken to you a few times now. I believe you were outside JM's photo session when i came out. And i have to agree with an above poster, all the crew were great concidering you were all under pressure.
  13. I got a necklace from the gothic stall, and a Return of the Jedi script for my dad. I met: James Marsters (photo session as well) John Barrowman (photo session as well) Eve Myles Kai Owen Paul McGillion (photo session as well) Conner Trinneer I also met Linda Blair and June Whitfield as i was the photographer for the weekend for my group.
  14. He was lovely, i saw him on friday. As it was practically empty, he was very happy to have a photo and sit and chat for a while.
  15. I agree with the stage thing, it was a tad small. And JM wasnt allowed to do too many songs, plus i think he had to head of any ways. He left the venue more or less as soon as he left the stage. The DJ before JM was a bit rubbish, but Kai and Paul made a great comedy duo, which i told Kai.
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