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  1. yep I was thinking the exact same thing that and its april 1st lol I said that in my original post, but it's been mysteriously edited out.... would love this to be genuine, but look at the date! Happy April Fools Day everyone
  2. Yeeah, I realised that after I posted, was just coming back to say so... my apologies, I misunderstood the pricing. I was reading it as per person.
  3. Its too late for you this year but worth remembering net year that the Hilton do a January sale each year, so you can book a double room, inlcuding breakfast for £55 a night.
  4. I'm just saying theres room for improvement.. (you shouldnt have to show a marriage certificate after all)... there must be lots of families or couples who would like ONE group photo and can't afford to pay lets say £160 to have mum dad and two kids in it... maybe an option to do something along the lines of £40 for the first person and then an extra £10 each for more people.. that compensates the photographer and showmasters for the extra few seconds of effort to arrange an extra person in the pic and still makes it affordable for families...Obviously not going to happen this time but maybe its somethign Showmasters could think about for the future. Other event organisers manage it after all - I've got plenty of very good pics on my wall to prove that. Anyway, I suppose its a bit off topic to the subject of the thread. I am still glad that my two favourite Klingons are going to be there and look forward to meting them again.
  5. ok, the prints wont be identical but two photos is unnecessary and expensive. Being a long time fan of the two actors in question, I'd have loved my husband to be in the pic with us... thats not going to be possible unfortunately.. I'm sure theres lots of rich people who can afford £80 for two extremely similar pics, I'm not one of them and I was just saying it would be nice if it was an option to have two people in just one pic... its no more time or effort for the actors or the photographer after all. And yes, I'm aware alot of people would get into groups of friends, buy ONE pic and then get cheap copies of it. But if you are a married (or not married for that matter) couple, maybe with kids who'd like to be in the pic as well, it gets VERY VERY expensive very quickly. Edit: just had a thought a moment after hitting post... maybe showmasters could in the future, introduce a family rate or group rate of some sort...
  6. Only thing I'mnot happy about is having to buy two tickets if I want my husband in the pic with me. I only want one pic, I dont feel I should have to buy two of them and end up with an unwanted duplicate.. and at £40 each its not cheap. don't get me wrong, £40 is reasonable for two actors... I'm not complaining about the price and I do understand why its done the way it is... but as a married couple it would have been nice to have one photo with both of us in it without having to pay £80 for two identical pics.
  7. Quite a few from my group will be there. I'm hoping to wear my variant of Sirella's dress if I can get the necklace fixed in time. this is going to be a really good event. would make my day if only they could get Sirella and Kehleyr there as well, and maybe B'Elanna Torres!
  8. That's a wonderful photo. You fit right in, I must say. I can't wait for collectormania now.. is it May yet? Dos anyone know if tickets for this are prebookable because I just looked on the photoshoot page and these two actors are not mentioned. Not sure if I'm missing something obvious, lol
  9. i am sorry i have not had an email from you at all its not in the junk folder ether so can you please send it to info@showmastersonline.com if you still need to thanks jason Thanks Jason Am sending it now... if it doesnt arrive in a reasonable amount of time then I'd be grateful if you could give me an alternate way to communicate as this will be the third time its has been sent to you... ok, its sent, with a title of resend of previous email... and its from jamesandkehlan (at) aol (dot) com
  10. as i am sure you can understand we get lots of emails. What name were you using so that i can identify your email? it came from jamesandkehlan... my name as signed in the email is charlotte Kebbell. The reason I think you might not have got them is that I requested a "return receipt" with the last email, so aol should have informed me when you received it. I havent had that notification.
  11. Jason.... please delete this once youve read it.... can you check your spam filter... Ive emailed twice and I don't think they are getting to you. Failing that, is there a different email address I can try? I really do need to discuss this issue with you... or can you send me an email to jamesandkehlan at aol dot com (obviously with dots and at signs in place instead of the words) thanks alot
  12. I would not have thought that collectormania employees escorting a guest have any need for covert action and therefore should be wearing their badges where they are visible. In a job like this, surely the whole point is that they are visble and its obvious what they are doing so that people can see them coming and get out of their way. I'm not saying they werent eearing them, I honestly didnt notice if they were or not.. I know they did have lanyards round their necks but didn't see what was hanging from them.
  13. yeah that was me. I was absolutely furious at the time. Hey, I'm a Klingon, I've got a temper! I do have to say, I don't think Mr Nimoy saw what happened and when I met him he was very nice. I do take your point but it is never acceptable to knock over someone in a wheelchair who cannot easily get out of the way. With all due respect to Mr Nimoy he does have functioning legs and there was plenty of space for him and his guards to move round us
  14. I have to say that on the whole I really enjoyed my weekend at collectormania. Friday was disappointing and some of the guests looked so cold in those little signing booths. I know they get paid but even so, with the amount of complaints there have been here about the weather and the cold of the stadium, they do deserve a little of your sympathy. Hands in particular will get very cold and you can't wear gloves while signing. I did notice on saturday that showmasters had altered things around a bit to try and improve it. I think they did the best job possible under the cirumstances. The venue was not ideal but hopefully the conference facilities will be finished for the next event and we can all stay warm and dry and have some fun. If I had to criticise anything it would be the way the visitors treated the disabled friend I was with... wheelchairs can not easily move sideways and get out of the ay of people.. when you see a wheelchair, please don't push and shove at it, its very intimidating for the person sitting in the chair. Besides, you'll only end up getting your toes run over and believ me, that hurts! Avery Brooks was lovely and while I was mildly disappointed that Leonard Nimoy wasn't signing, he was still friendly and smiled at me while signing. And yes I do understand why he wasn't personalising, it was the only way to get through so many signatures. Will I be at the next one? Definitely!
  15. That's one of the many things I like about Collectormania... I get to be a Klingon all weekend! Next year come and say hello... you can't really miss me, I'm almost the only female Klingon there! Kehlan
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