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  1. Even if he'd been first to go through the shoot, that doesn't help in getting an autograph if the guest doesn't go back to the signing table after the shoot.
  2. True!! Think he's one person I'd actually go diamond for
  3. Quite And he's been in American Horror Story so technically he'd fit in nicely as a genre star. Plus he's apparently adorable at conventions.
  4. LUCIFER guests: Tom Ellis WHITE COLLAR guests: Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay SUITS guests: Gabriel Macht, Patrick J Adams SCORPION guests: Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Ari Stidham LOST GIRL guests: Anna Silk, Rick Howland, Rachel Skarsten HTGAWM guests: Jack Falahee, Conrad Ricamora
  5. Dean Cain - now my favourite guest ever! What a lovely lovely guy. Robert Patrick - was quite quiet with me in the autograph but lovely in the photo shoot, so I'm really pleased I decided to go for a pic! Very happy to have met him, hope there will be more Scorpion guests in future. Enjoyed his talks too, seemed like a nice guy. Charisma Carpenter - didn't reply to my hello in the photo shoot and didn't smile, didn't really speak much at autograph but it was fun to see her in the talks and I'm pleased to have added her auto to my Buffy collection Wanted to meet Julie too but was trying to budget, nice to see her in the talks though :)
  6. I thought it was great overall!! Best bits: Staff were good especially Samantha from Extra Help, and the pit boss and queue guy from photo area B, thank you guys <3 Time keeping and organization were really good Loved the venue, there was space to move and browse, not too hot, food and drink easily available, I hope they have lots more Collectormanias here! The fact that it didn't feel too crowded was the best thing. There was a great variety of free talks, dealers and prop shoots :) The guests!! Dean Cain was such a delight! John Barrowman's talk was awesome. And of course always good to see SM don't charge for selfies, and provide photos to be signed :) Not so good bits: Security obviously wasn't good Robert Patrick's queue ran out of Scorpion pics by early Sunday morning - it's his current show and has been for years so would have been nice not to have to go buy a pic from a stall Thought the prices for John Barrowman's photo shoots were very high especially the coat one - eventually decided it was too costly for me It would be helpful to have some chairs outside the talk area for those who struggle to queue And I would have liked a Kai Owen talk but that's just personal preference Looking forward to collectormania 25 already!
  7. Yesterday we arrived around 9.30 with a bag each and went in without any bag checks, we then went in and out during the day, at no point did anybody look in or even glance at our bags as far as I could tell. Today the bags were glanced in briefly when we arrived and I saw a sniffer dog, however later when we left and returned to the venue after picking up items from the car there was no bag check. Overall I thought the weekend was excellent but I was surprised at the lax security. There was also an incident before one talk when a storm trooper came in with a fairly realistic plastic gun - it was sunny in there and hard to see clearly that it was plastic - and he stalked silently along the front row stopping and pointing his gun at people who were clearly uncomfortable and staring at them for some moments with the gun poised. It felt quite threatening especially as he was masked and I didn't appreciate it especially considering the events the night before in London. I am surprised anyone thought it was appropriate. Gotta say I'd prefer if security had requested people not bring in guns in the current climate.
  8. Does anyone have a photo shoot with John and his Captain Jack shoot they can show me, especially portrait/full length please? Can't decide whether to spend the money or not and would love to see what they look like.
  9. The part that says "all ticket holders" isn't for autographs, it's a second photo session, so yes you can go there no problem. You won't miss it, and John is lovely :) The autographs will be going on any time John isn't doing a talk or in the photo studio/on a break. If you want an autograph then go and get a virtual ticket for his autograph queue as soon as you get to the venue, as that may be tight for time if you're arriving at lunchtime.
  10. How long beforehand would you expect to need to get there to try and ensure you get a place in talks with Robert/Dean/Buffy cast?
  11. A couple of questions please! :) For the free talks do you just queue up outside the hall? Is there any seating in the queuing area for those with issues standing? How long beforehand would you expect to need to get there to try and ensure you get a place in talks with Robert/Dean/Buffy cast? And secondly, if you have an extra help access pass, I've been told that allows you to go in the first group of a photo shoot - does that mean I can go to the morning shoot for Dean even if I have batch 5? I don't think I'll be able to last until later.
  12. Hopefully: Dean Cain Robert Patrick Charisma Carpenter And maybe a couple others if I come into unexpected money!!
  13. Awesome. Will she and Julie be doing a Buffy talk?
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