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    Yes I have the worst post con blues EVER!
  2. Rachel_Lena

    Keeping in touch

    Hi, I said hello to a few people on Saturday, red hair and ninja turtles t-shirt my Twitter is @Rachel_lena and facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=634377974 I've added a few good pics from Mark Sheppard talk to my facebook
  3. Rachel_Lena

    Group Z

    hey! I'm rachel st495, i only just found out my group as my friend had my ticket, see you guys soon :)
  4. went to my first con for the actors, went to my first LFCC for both actors and friends and this year i'm mostly going for friends and stalls as there is not really any actors i really want to see, though i'm excited matthew lewis has been announced, have seen him before but he is lovely
  5. Rachel_Lena

    Latest Guest Announcement - MATTHEW LEWIS

    YAY thank you, i saw him at another signing and made him laugh, i wonder if i can do it again
  6. Rachel_Lena

    Harry potter Guests

    hey!!!! Haven't been on in ages really hoping for HP guest- tom felton would be amazing but any would do :)
  7. Rachel_Lena

    Was anyone too shy?

    I think i talked to you on the friday night midnight sun, it was after the drinks reception so everything is a little bit blurred...
  8. Rachel_Lena

    sore throats?

    Yep- sore throat and running nose, i think from the hotel being cold
  9. Rachel_Lena

    Thankyou Massive Events

    Thank you for a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  10. Rachel_Lena

    Event Feedback

    here is my quick list review: 1- would it have killed the hilton to turn it from air con to heating, i went home with cold! 2- I did like the fact that the signing room didn't have to be cleared for talks ect 3- the clothes and richelle were really cool extras and made the waiting for autos and photos easier :) 4- jamie is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5- I don't know if people realise this but i asked Kiowa if it was his first convention at the drinks reception cos i thought that was why he was acting so shy adn he said no it was his 12th- i'm sorry but i don't care how young he is, he was getting paid and had 11 other con experiences to draw from- he actually yawned during the Q & A like we were boring him, he knew what to expect- he was just rude. 6- the ME staff seemed way more relaxed and were really nice- and shout out to wine girl from the drink reception, your awesome!!!!
  11. Rachel_Lena

    Group One!

    If i remember correctly me and my friends are group 1- cos my friend was trying to justify my lack of sleep on satuday night by saying at "least we are group 1"
  12. Rachel_Lena

    Anyone NOT doing any themes?

    I thinking of changing civil war to volturi aand wearing my volturi necklace.
  13. Rachel_Lena

    The Darling Buds for ET3

    his band is amazing!!! It would be so cool if they performed!!!
  14. Rachel_Lena

    Latest Guest Announcement: Jamie Campbell Bower

    YAY amazing guest, so excited now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Rachel_Lena

    Latest Event Announcement - Richelle Mead

    cool, i'll have to get my copy signed- i hope they are selling the rest of the vampire academy series as i only have 1 :)