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  1. Billy Burke , Jackson Rathborne ,Ashley Green, Elizabeth Reaser :) pleeeeease
  2. naaa we share the love to all twi fans, young and old lol,
  3. hey thought i would make a thread for us older fans, we will see if it takes off or not lol
  4. yes thank you Too Tall, even though you scare the @@@@ out of me lol
  5. the stamping on the hand would be a great idea, only thing is i would end up in severe pain for weeks afterwards due to a severe skin problem. maybe even have photo id, or some way to stamp your convention badge
  6. lol bought it at et5 cant wait
  7. Forum Name: travelling hobo Real Name: val Age/Location: 31, Nr Glasgow Have you attended any other ET events? ET3 & ET4 Favourite Twi-guest? All of them esp Peter Facinelli Favourite other movies? Dirty dancing, Remember me, Green mile Favourite TV shows? True Blood, Nurse Jackie, Shameless, Raising Hope Favourite Actors/Actresses? Peter facinelli, Other interests:trying to talk celebs into visiting Scotland while drunk....(sorry),Music, travelling Something interesting about yourself: i can normally be found staggering about the main doors talking to total random strangers..,( again sorry) Most likely to be found ....... see above What are you most looking forward to at ET5? .. meeting up with the usual suspects, and hopefully not make too much of a pratt of myself
  8. YAYYYYYY booked my silver ticket a few days ago, sooo cant wait :D:D
  9. Julia Jones or Leah Gibson lol they said they would love to visit Scotland. anyone from twilight, true blood, missfits or shameless
  10. na not at all hinest im not ok maybe just a little yasssssssssssssssss
  11. really cant wait, i get my train at 10 am tomorrow a day early im that excited hehehe
  12. val79

    Group c

    i really want to meet michael , and i want to get Alex's auto, i met him last year but only bought an auto for my daughter because i was skint
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