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  1. SM is a business that had no regard for health & safety on Saturday. They also have a duty of health and safety to the guest remember. They are guests not slaves and you can't expect them to work non stop for 10 hours. I never said anything about making the guests work non-stop for 10 hours. I was talking about health & safety for the ENTIRE event, which includes EVERYONE present. The queues outside the venue, the over-crowding inside the venue, the lack of aircon, the locked fire escapes..... do we need to go on because the list goes on. I've seen these accusations m
  2. it could have been hillsborough if the fire alarm had gone off, especially in those little autograph bunkers that jenna coleman and john hurt were doing signings.... i would've hated to see how people would of got out of those enclosed spaces in a hurry, especially as there was no signs in there to show the evacuation route to the nearest emergency exit EC2 Hall has massive exit/entry points that would be quickly opened in the case of an emergency. Someone drove a large truck into it on Friday during the set up!
  3. I do agree that traders should be limited to the number of items they get signed, IF everyone is limited. If a guest is quieter, then I don't care if someone gets 25 items, whether a dealer or a paying attendee. That said, dealers could just join the queue multiple times, so in some ways, its better to get them sorted in one quick hit. Just to note, I had a stall at LFCC and I was away from it for about a total of 2 hours across 2 1/2 days. Dealers really don't get much time away from their stock, which to a lot of them is their livelihood (thankfully not mine, or I'd be bankrupt!)
  4. I'd say that it depends. Some motion capture is just to get basic movements (such as for Sport games). To me, thats not acting. However, if an actor is trying to portray dialogue and physical expressions, then I'd personally class it as acting. I guess the issue is things like facial expressions and eyes are part of traditional acting and they are not directly in the control of the performer.
  5. I'm not complaining, just wanted to understand why it was removed, so I didn't make the same error again.
  6. Wonderland of Ramsgate were the stall on the left of the entrance. I know, because I was on the stall next to them. Lovely people were great neighbours during the weekend!
  7. Dealers had wristbands, so if the people you saw were in lanyards, they were more likely crew, staff or VIPs. There was definitely no side room/store room for dealers.
  8. Couple of things, I was a dealer at the LFCC (I only had three separate, personal items signed, by three different guests) and I'm sure there was no 'dealers storage room'. All stock was kept either on the stall, or off-site in a vehicle. It could be you were looking into a Showmasters room, if they get stuff signed for some of their team? If that is the case, then one person getting 30 things signed for crew, is quicker than 30 different crew getting stuff signed for themselves. Secondly, the dealers can't get stuff signed 'out of hours'. Usually, the guests arrive on or around opening ti
  9. Jason I received a message via Facebook from an old 'friend' of yours. I emailed a screen grab of it to your info email address, but you might want to keep a look out for it. Chris
  10. Thanks for the swift response, but I'm not sure how it was advertising? I don't work for the company that makes it and its clearly not advertising anything in competition with SM. Weirdly, I made two posts PRIOR to the event, talking about the free demonstrations and they weren't deleted! ++edit++ I've checked the rules and am more baffled! I didn't provide any external links and was not selling anything. All I was doing was thanking those who participated by playing a game that I'm a fan of!
  11. Hi Mods, any idea why my post from earlier today was moved/deleted? I was just thanking people for coming to play a board game at LFCC. I'm not aware of it having broken any rules. Chris
  12. I'm hoping to get his autograph, but I'm fully expecting him not to personalise. I do prefer personalisations as a rule, but sometimes a guest is just so busy, its not practicable.
  13. Hi guys, I don't think Dark Cleo are retailers, they are there to let people have a play with a variety of games. There are normally a couple of games stalls there selling stuff. I'm going to be there too, running demonstrations of Zombicide (but not selling the product), so I'm looking forward to meeting some fellow board gamers. We got a shout out on Twitter from Geek and Sundry, so hopefully word is getting out!
  14. Hiya, just wondering if anyone is doing Walking Dead cosplay at the event? If so, please feel free to keep an eye out for the Zombicide demo table, would be great to take some photos of you playing it! (Not for commercial use, only to go on the Zombicide Facebook page!)
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