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  1. according to gateworld's forum, there seemed to be summat where he's actually survived. note the way its done - hes never actually shown dead, and only one body is actually sent through the gate. what happened the guard if carson is dead? my guess right now is beckett got shifted in dimension due to the radiation. the guard was holding it, so he's definately dead, but only one body seemed to be transported. just a guess, and i'll still hold out on hope.
  2. lucius, without a doubt, is almost unbearable i say urgo wasn't too bad
  3. i think there was something posted on gateworld (might have been the forum) to say that he's not dead though. think about this - we never saw a body, and only one coffin seemed to be sent through - so was it beckett, or the soldier?
  4. woof woof, missing you all
  5. i'd suggest possibly international sports - e.g. gaelic, or irish football. its still football, and might appeal to a larger contingent of irish than regular soccer players, considering that (to my knowledge) gaelic isn't played on a sizeable scale outside ireland, but there's a hell of a lot of irish in england who may still follow it.
  6. Keeper

    The Runaway Bride

    cheers both of you - just knowing the number helps with getting the d/ls... He was just saying this to her rather than complicate things - he admitted later in the episode that he had "lied". also, now i've seen the ep - didn't you notice when he said it it was like 'i can't go back in a specific person's timeline... well, apparently' ? he implies there's a sort of rule preventing it - and remember, when he took rose back he did make clear they weren't to do anything. the bride is specifically asking him to go back and change time - rose did it without letting him know in advance, or he wouldn't have let her do it. look what happened when rose did it - the creatures that appeared to repair the damages. in that case it was a simple case of rose's father had to die. this time - the bride would have to be prevented from reaching her own wedding. how could they repair that, when what they seemed to do was destroy everything in the time-wound? hope that makes sense to someone else, it does to me
  7. Keeper

    The Runaway Bride

    havent seen it yet, its another thing i have to download (family taking over the only working TV for a load of crap soaps that overlap enough that even taping Who wouldn't be possible ) disappointed though not surprised that the daleks can't even wait till the end of the season to be shown again.... yes i know i've moaned about it before, i'll shut up now, the writers obviously don't care about over-using them as long as they're familliar... *grumbles* on a related note, can anyone please tell me how many torchwood episodes there are so far, and maybe the names of all of them? i've got the first 3, but wasn't able to get the rest and kinda lost track of them... even just a number is fine, though, thankies
  8. i thought halloween was 'all souls' rather than saints? though both definitions seem relevant in the context anyway - dumbledore did say that voldemort was looking special souls for the horcrux process, thus implying more common souls would suffice for other wizards. spoiler for OOtP (since i know some ppl are reading slowly ) : Department of mysteries room is a possibility, since we know that room with the arch is related to death, and we also know that the location within the ministry is fairly well protected - add in the statue things that protected harry before, and there seems to be a saintly reference (well, it deflected avada kedavara, pretty good going for an apparently inanimate statue don't'cha think??) and add in the part where its the leadership point for all of wizarding britain, possibly the world - that makes it rather sacred ground in its own right. don't ask me what exactly could be related to that room, i dunno, but its a possibility...
  9. ahh... time to kill people again. how.... delightful.
  10. saw about 30 seconds of infinity, and turned it off. lets hope the new series actually looks like stargate
  11. what i find most unusual is that we're being told about this by a completely new member with no other posts. what are we, children? the post doesn't even make sense to me. it ends with a question mark, but the same sentence reads like a statement.
  12. OI!!! mrs wood!!! we have to get caught up sometime!!! i'm about to go to bed though.... remind me - do you still end in 372? might buzz you on the weekend, if thats ok? its the last chance i'll have, and tomorrow is definately out i'm afraid *hugs* take care little kiltsy
  13. happy birfday gherkin me boyo!
  14. not sure where you got the screenie - but its more stronger colour than what i've got. even the plane is too strong a colouring, but the smoke looks slightly stronger again, like it was edited slightly thicker? looking at as it runs, i'm pretty sure its just plane smoke. could be wrong though
  15. i hate havin to wait a week before i can fly to canada (but i've still to pack, so yeah.... )
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