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  1. nearly finished clockwork prince by cassandra clare, loving it :)
  2. at least i wouldnt have to travel its just down the road from my house, but not sure i can get the money together in time for when tix go on sale
  3. i watch it, i think its okay, be interesting to see where the storylines go though!!
  4. hmmm i am not sure about this, i guess its a 'wait and see' thing!! obi wan good to see you still about :)
  5. i went to see Inception last night and WOW i was so impressed, i loved it from start to finish, i cant wait to go and see it again, even considering going to the IMAX to see it!! i thought it was an amazing film, i was gripped from the minute it started, leonardo was great as per, but the whole idea is fascinating to me and christopher nolan did such a good job, this prob has to be the best film i have seen this year....so far!! anyone else see it?
  6. Narago


    I know of many people who have said the same, but where Predators was excellent, and Eclipse not so. I guess it is down to personal tastes. you are right it is personal taste and i think maybe its just me that didnt like it because i like the original predator film so much!!
  7. Narago


    okay i have seen eclipse twice now and cant wait to go back again, thank god for my unlimited card lol i thought this is definately the most true to the book film so far, i love charlie, he is funny, so well cast :) eclipse is my fave book and the film didnt let me down, david slade did a good job have to agree about victoria though, she just wasnt as menacing but it didnt ruin the film, its just a shame that when victoria comes into her own it wasnt rachelle playing her, she must feel robbed!! loved the tent scene, it is my fave part of the book and i was hoping it would live up to my expectations!! the only downside for me really was i wanted more, i could quite happily sat and watched another hour of it lol also i went to see predators last night and it was rubbish, so i dont know why so many ppl are going to see that when theres eclipse to see
  8. yes thanks, i have got it now, paid £16.99 for it in the end, but wish i had waited until it gets released here on the 19th now as its not as good as i was hoping although i have only listened to it once i love what howard shore did with Lord of the Rings score, but this is a bit of a disappointment, but maybe it will grow on me!!
  9. hi, does anyone know where i can get the Eclipse score cheaper than amazon, £24 is waaaay too much, i think its that much because its an import???!! when is it released in the UK? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Twilight-Saga-Ecli...2747&sr=8-1
  10. i thought it was okay 'ish' i know it was a short story but i felt it was a little rushed and i really wanted more from bree and diegos relationship, felt this was ended before it even began!! all in all, i paid £5 for it so it didnt break the bank and it was an okay read i am now hoping that there will be a book about alice and jaspers story when they left the cullens in BD and of course for midnight sun to be completed (if this EVER happens)
  11. I am so disappointed that this show has ended, watched the final episode last night, I feel cheated, I want more!!!
  12. I am watching V, I do like it but like others have said it seems to be lacking something!!! The original series is a cult classic and I love it (even the cheese!!) I do like the new version but I feel like others have said there is something missing and I find the characters hard to 'bond' with whereas with the original I loved all the characters in it!! I will stick with it for now as Flash Forward has been cancelled and 24 is ending, Lost has finished but at least I have still got Fringe :)
  13. I was up at 4:15am, had to get ready for work before it started!! thought the finale was very good, loved how gripping it was in places, do i understand it all and were all my questions answered.........no, but have really enjoyed Lost and will sit and watch them all over again and we all knew it wouldnt end with everything being explained and crystal clear i have been thinking about it on and off all day, cant believe its all over, i will definately miss my Lost fix
  14. i managed to get mine last night or should i say early hours this morning, took me 45 mins to book, web site kept crashing!!
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