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  1. Can't be bothered to write them all down but the best was Davis. I'm studying military history at uni and after i found out his fondness for the military on Saturday's talk I brought in one of my reference books. I opened it up to the Korean War entry and asked where he was stationed at. He pointed it out and signed it and I asked if he could write "reporting for duty" and he did, lol. He even offered to write down his infantry division, so now I have the following written over the map of korea; Don S. Davis Reporting for duty 7th Infantry Div. Next time i revise the Korean War for an exam i'll have the motivation to actually revise, lol.
  2. On Sunday with half an hour to go till the show closed Fillion's queue was huge, it stretched all the way back to the dealder stands and a bit further. They had to cap the queue because they didn't think he was gonna have time to do everyone. But cos I had my gold pass they let me at the back. I managed to meet him one last time with only 6 or so minutes left. With 4 minutes left till the show closed, guess what I did. I went over to the Elijah queue, lol. Without my gold pass they would never have let me go in at that time. There were still quite a few people left. I was the second to last person in, by the time i met Eli it was about 5:15. I think the gold pass is definately worth the money for time-saving and the great view in the guest talks.
  3. £855!! Gold Pass - £175 2 Rachell Luttrell £15 1 Grace Lee Whitney £15 1 Alan Oppenheimer £15 3 Nathan Fillion £15 2 Alan Tudyk £15 5 Don S Davis £15 2 Gates McFadden £20 1 Carrie Fisher £25 2 Jorge Garcia £20 2 Maggie Grace £20 4 Elijah Wood £20 David carradine signed sword - £150 Large lost cast pic from RichArt - £35 3 photoshoots £60 Plus a pack of Werthers for everyone - about £11 and 2 Day travel cards - £16 So in total, about £882 (Thank god my dad didn't ask how much I spent, he might have whipped the cane out on me cos I also paid £230 the previous week for driving lessons and £48 re-test)
  4. I was at one of the talks early, forgotten which one, it could have been the Mcfadden talk. I was sitting on the front row, furthest right of the left set of seats. If your talking about the girl who I think your talking about, she came down and sat right next to me. I was like "oh god no!" I had to make chit chat cos I woulda felt awkward sitting next to a wonderful girl like her. But like usual, I ended up not speaking loud enough and mumbling, I don't think she understood most of what I was saying, probably thought I was wierd too. So i decided to shut up and fiddle with my camera, lol . I ended up feeling more awkward.
  5. Closest for me was Jorge Garcia. Back in February at Collectormania GMEX I gave Jorge a pack of Werthers. Today when I met him and gave him a pack it must have jogged his memory cos he asked if I was the same guy who gave him a pack of Werther's in Manchester. Not exactly a perfect recall but still was nice to know he remembered the Werther's guy
  6. They were great also, especially Nathan who gave handouts to people who asked questions, that was very nice of him, finally a guest who gives a little back to his fans However, Elijah was a HUGE guest, Alan and Nathan were only doing up to maybe 300 to 400. Eli was up to a 1000+ and was still smiling at the very end; not that Alan or Nathan wouldn't have, i'm sure they would.
  7. Elijah is no doubt a model guest. I managed to meet Fillion at around 4:55 in the evening, 5 minutes before the show closed. I then hurried to thte Elijah's queue. There were about, mabye 20 people left in the queue, and he was willing to finish it off. I was the second to last person by the time I met him it was 5:15. 15 minutes after the show closed Nice to know he was willing to put in a little extra time for us
  8. My only problem was the width of the queue posts. There were huge amounts of space on either side of the the guest tables. They should have used it up. I was bumping into those gold posts with my big bag as i left the signing tables. I wasn't that bothered about the delay in photos. I was at the talks from 2pm onwards until the very end so I was preoccupied. But it would have been good if they were done ontime, I was hoping to get my photo with Alan signed before leaving.
  9. I suspect people with gold passes are able to queue up again to get more than one auto? So I guess the only problem is the dodgyness of being infront of him again 3 minutes after he's signed you an auto, he might give you wierd looks, lol. So I guess the best thing to do is get one in the morning and the other towards the end of the event or whenever he's leaving. But from experience guests tend to have incredible memory i.e. back in collectormania I met LeVar Burton on the first day, he remembered me 3 days later by name, scary. Anyways i always give guests packs of werther's so he'd better sign me 2 autos
  10. I met Levar Burton on Friday. Just as I left he asked for my name, I said Danny quickly. Met him again on Monday. Just as i was clear to go meet him again Michael Brandon showed up, they hugged chatted a bit. Then as Levar settled back down again and looked at me he nodded and said "what's up Danny?". He didn't ask something like; your Danny aren't you? or; did i see you a few days ago? Nope, it was just a casual 'What's up Danny?' greeting. Feels good
  11. Just wondering, when did the white/gold imperial dalek come out? I've seen a few photos of it around but i missed it, Imperials are my faves Anyone know if it talked aswell like Barney? Thx.
  12. I swear at one point when i was queuing up for Levar I saw Jon banging the table with an open palm, what the hell? great fellow though.
  13. They all seemed friendly, but Levar Burton sticks out in my mind, great guy.
  14. does the gold pass include the screenings, or just talks?
  15. That's my main concern atm. Last time for the gmex event i sent a photo of myself when requested but since i dont' recall getting an email for this event that may be a problem. I still have my gmex gold pass. maybe i can remove the photo with a surgical knife and pritt stick it on the collectormania one, they'll never suspect a thing
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