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  1. Possibly the best guest in SM history.
  2. Calumn


    Hello I havent posted here in a while, but I would just like to say that at this early stage the guest list looks amazing. Mads Mikkelsen, Bill Nighy, Patrick Stewart and Louise Fletcher - all at the same event! Those are the guests that, on their own, would headline any other event, but to have all four at one! And Malcolm McDowell in Manchester! Very, very good work. That is all.
  3. Jerkbeast is an excellent lowbudget movie, btw, definately worth taking a look at.
  4. Calumn

    Guest suggestion - Malcolm MacDowell

    He's one of those big name guests where you feel there's just a chance that they might be able to get him. If they did, I would immediately buy tickets to the show, regardless of which one it was and how much he was, even the Florida one.
  5. Calumn

    46 Guests so far

    If I go, so far it will be Brandon Routh (if he is actually coming) Miranda Otto Geoffrey Holder Bruce Spence (if there's a better LOTR pic than last time) Lynn Holly Johnson Gloria Hendry Terrence Mountain Stanley Morgan Albert Moses George Sewell (if there's a Tinker, Tailer pic) Whether or not I go at the moment is pretty much dependant on those ifs. It's a much longer journey for me than usual so it's a tough decision. I'm also hoping there may be some more guests announced.
  6. Calumn

    Question about photos

    Thanks for the fast reply. I found a decent Dead Man pic for Henrikson so I'll bring that, but if anyone knows where I can find a good Night of the Hunter pic for Graves, that would be great.
  7. Calumn

    Question about photos

    Hi everyone, hope all those who went today or yesterday had a great time. I am going tomorrow only. Could someone please tell me if they saw any photos for the following films for certain guests, either supplied by SM or for sale at the dealers? Lance Henrikson.... Dead Man Kenneth Cranham.... Layer Cake David Wenham.... The Proposition Peter Graves.... Night of the Hunter Thanks! I have this annoying habit of prefering the guests more obscure films Also, how bad were the queues for those guests on the Saturday?
  8. I think it's pretty awful - basically just your bog standard, low level Bond guests that sign in the basement of VinMag every month. I had really hoped for atleast one huge new guest - I remember someone hinting hat Wiseman?
  9. No, I dont think the guest list is very good. Not at all impressed with the Bond reunion and there are few others of interest to me. The only two I really want are David Wenham and Kenneth Cranham and, as both have done shows before, I get the feeling it wouldnt be difficult to meet them elsewhere. I will still probably go and pick up some of the Star Wars and Bond autos I havent got yet, but, perhaps luckily, it will not be a big spend and I suspect I will just be in and out.
  10. Calumn

    bit of a problem

    If you are absolutely certain that the autograph is a fake, I think you have a duty to name and shame the dealer you bought it from so that no-one else falls into the same trap.
  11. Calumn

    A big thank you from Team Jerkbeast!

    I havent watched the movie yet but I have to admit that the Steaming Wolf spam album was kinda cool. This film had better be as awesome as you promised or else I'm selling it back to you next event ~The guy in the Hicks T-Shirt
  12. Calumn

    Elijah Wood - Model Guest

    Trust me, if anything like that did happen it was not at the request of Elijah but the actions of the crew around him who perhaps were not used to huge name guests being quite such perfect guests.
  13. At a different event, Paul Norrell remembered me from LFCC2 even though it was more than a year later.
  14. Calumn

    Your Rating Out of Ten

    what you on about i got a personalisation and i know many others did too. YOU werent supposed to have posed photos with Carried but i know people did. WHO IS VOTING 1 Well, by the time I got there there it said "Strictly no Personalisations" on her whiteboard.
  15. Calumn

    Best Costume

    I'm one of those Jones' and the whips are 100 % made by a pro inside of whip making. Going to post some pics of the Jones boys later. Cool - they were really impressive. I saw one of you crack it absolutely right aswell just before the guy came and stopped you, made a great sound