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  1. Absolutely no need for anybody to be queuing at stupid o' clock for this event.
  2. What I saw of the memorial service it was surprisingly low-key. Not sure having that chubby little boy fly all the way over from the UK to perform for MJ - plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose
  3. This was one of my favourite topics. Going to add: Whenever tickets are put on sale people will inevitable post immediately to say that they have made a mistake with the payment. Events will always be bigger, better, fun and more exciting! Plus ticket says are always up! You can never have enough events.
  4. Personally I believe pre-paid should go in first as they have paid a premium for their tickets and as a consequence kindly provide SM with funds in advance of the show. It is a shame that this practice is now an established part of LFCC.
  5. Like Murray but cannot stand his attention seeking, bizarre looking, pushy mother so want him to lose.
  6. I think it would be quite funny sitting in a theatre watching a play and having no idea what was going on! I was looking at the site event only a couple of days ago but not enough to tempt me to go. However, Bruce and Thomas would be very welcome guests back in the UK.
  7. No did not take any pics. - not allowed to in exhibit anyway. Reading RingsFan post again is really good - what a meet!
  8. It would have to be a venue were anyone in costume over the age of 14 (accompanied by parent/guardian of course) would be denied access.
  9. I'm sorry but these counter-arguments are getting weaker and more outlandish all the time. Why not announce "up to 100 A-List guests at Collectormania 16!!1!!ONE!!"? Then you can hide behind semantics all over again when only three turn up. In what way is that outlandish? If you aim for maybe 5-10 and you're working on those people, then assuming a figure of 7 seems reasonable. Plus, this all becomes subjective, at this event, those that I personally would consider to be A List would be: Leonard Nimoy Nathan Fillion Ben Browder Philip Glenister Rachel Lutrell Avery Brooks Any number of the Sports guests (Sir Geoff Hurst, Sir Henry Cooper, Martin Peters and Gordon Banks all spring to mind) It is very subjective as I would say only L.Nimoy from your list would be on mine and thats at a stretch. That notwithstanding Clearly SM should not have made such a bold statement in the first place but when they did clarification.
  10. I'd guess it was in relation to photo and autograph sales? Can't agree with it being quieter. I'm a dealer and my takings were up nearly 300% on the last Collectormania that I did (C13) and that's despite the recession!! 300% well done! Be intresesting to see how other dealers found it compare to other events. C13 was not the busiest. I should have said it felt quieter (can it feel quiet?)
  11. Thank you Jason for a very quick summary of the worked well/what did not about the event. Admittedly you seem to do a lot of these post events now but they are welcome none the less. Thought you had a good variety guests although no doubt you were disappointed that you could not fulfil anywhere close to the “up to 7 A list guests†you intended. Could I suggest that making such claims only opens yourself up for comments such as these. Thought the venue was an inspired choice and clearly worth a try. The narrowness of the concourse meant that crowding was a problem so that was a shame but lessons learnt. The dealers room was not crowded due to the attendee numbers but access issues (2 doors) compared to the multi entry and grid pattern layout of the shopping centre. Move more of the dealers out of the room. Be interesting to see how next year works and if it will still be free entrance. Did I read in another post you said that Friday was 30% busier than previous years and that generally numbers are up? How do you arrive at that? It was certainly quieter than other events (SM and non SM). As for the issue of security I would confirm that I saw baldy bonce on one of his guest marches through the concourse and thought he was somewhat over zealous in his role. I put if down to the cold - he should have worn a hat. It was a shame to leave the centre as that made Collectormania unique. This was probably as good as it could have been for a new venue and I think you plenty of positives to work with as long as the faults are addressed as well.
  12. He was as expected considering he was very busy. Happy with autos. The bloke giving out the VT appeared to a good job. Calm, polite and helpful. The bloke sitting next L.Nimoy (Sun) would benefit from chatting to his colleague.
  13. Except when it comes to the number of punters through the door which is now a no contest and must say something! However, looking forward to Sunday and seeing the new venue. If the temp is poor for a show in June then the October/Nov event should be fun.
  14. Possible but history tells us we are more likely to have guest cancellations than new announcements.
  15. Shame L.Nimoy has cancelled the Friday. Hopefully the front page will be altered quickly as this is a significant change.
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