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  1. it would be awesome to have the true blood guys at collectormania or LFCC especially Alexander Skarsgard (please get him for us!)
  2. HELL YES i would skive off work if i had to just to meet him!! (and keeley and the others of course)
  3. cool! i wasn't going to go this time, but this just swung it for me! nice one SM! ==
  4. i got asked by Chris Sabat (vegeta from DBZ) if i was the "illustrious batgirl" because i was wearing a top with a batman logo on it, to which i replied "i don't think so"... i also got laughed at by graig parker for not being able to spell my own name
  5. was anyone else totally freaked out by the Dalek that was wondering around the con? it seemed to pop up wherever i went and i had to keep hiding behind my friend - i thought i was over that fear after watching the last season of Dr Who >_<;
  6. i only went to see two people this time but Ron Glass is by far and wide the most friendly guest i have EVER met (with craig parker a very close second). Alan Tudyk was lovely too, but he seemed a bit sleepy bless him
  7. thanks guys i'm totally looking forward to meeting alan and ron, it'll be another 2 to add to my collection of firefly autos (i have nathan, summer and joss so far )
  8. i couldn't get the weekend off work so i'm having to go up on monday, what do you reckon the chances are of having to get VQ tickets for autos with Alan Tudyk and Ron Glass? ta guys
  9. robert englund is the dude. i've never seen a film with him in but i am now a big fan just because he was so nice when my boyfriend met him == it's such a shame his cool show about phobias got cancelled.
  10. i thought it was great, granted there weren't that many guests i was terribly familiar with but the ones i met were lovely. i've never even seen nighmare on elm street but i am now a big fan of robert englund (i went with my boyfriend to meet him)- he's such a great guy! it was brilliantly organised as ever and i think showmasters deserve a great big thank you and a hug for being so fantastic
  11. ooh! i know where i'll be on thursday, and it's not hanging around at uni! lol
  12. adam west was very nice today (saturday) though we had a very brief meeting.
  13. 872974[/snapback] sorry! i didn't see that part, i thought i had read it all ;; thanks too tall, i'll read properly next time *g*
  14. how popular do you reckon he'll be on the saturday, i know he comes quite often so i'm assuming that he will be pretty accessable but i'd like a second opinion on the matter so what do you guys think?
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