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  1. Sadly, this is really bad timing. I've already booked for a different event and I can't possibly afford hotel costs for both. I know several other people who are in the same position. Two months' notice to raise four hundred quid is not enough for most people!
  2. Well, that's just it, isn't it. *sighs* The last time I came to a London convention before this, there was no seating and I had to be hauled up off the floor, and the person who helped me up dislocated my wrist doing so. This time I borrowed a manual wheelchair from the venue - but I could only do that because one of my friends was willing to attend and push me 'round all day. I can't self-propel, so chairs would just be so much easier, and would be helpful for people who don't need a wheelchair all day but who DO need to sit down every now and then - which is most people!
  3. What cookiemonster said - my only persistent negative feedback on the London conventions is SEATING. Not everyone can be on their feet all day and I'd be happy to pay a little extra for chairs.
  4. It would be nice to be able to afford to forget about it
  5. Gobo - on the chairs, I think you forget that not everyone with a disability has a wheelchair. I saw a lot of people struggling yesterday, and if I hadn't had someone to push me I would have been too. I'd be willing to pay a little more to get in if it meant there'd be somewhere to sit!
  6. Oh joy, another southern event I won't be able to get to without paying more to go than I'll be paying at the actual event. So sick of this. Not everyone can drive or afford astronomical train and coach fares all the time, you know? The other Manchester convention that happened recently was very crowded and full of people despite (IMO) a general lack of interesting guests. I am sure you could make your costs back if you only did one on alternate years instead of every year.
  7. There are never enough chairs to sit down on at these events. That's my one regular gripe. Luckily I hired a wheelchair for yesterday, because I cannot stay on my feet that long, and last time I was at a London con with no proper seating, someone dislocated my wrist helping me up off a bean bag. (And I'm definitely going to try to get someone to push my chair again next time, as things were made far easier and less painful for me than when trying to stay on my feet with my walking stick.) As for the heat, it was much cooler in the building than out of it, which made a pleasant change, espe
  8. Too much and not enough! I always wish I had more funds for these things, and I took quite a few cards yesterday. What did I get... One of the River Song art strips, three new magnets for my fridge, a River badge (I had one before but lost it), pics with Arthur Darvill and Nina Toussaint-White and autos from Nina and Luciana Carro. Definitely getting myself a TARDIS diary later though, as that guy does do pre-orders for them. :)
  9. I'll get mine up eventually - my companion took most of the pics we had for yesterday on her camera, so whenever she has time those'll be up - lots of Doctor Who cosplayers, as there were quite a few! The others I'll scan when I have the energy to get to the library - still shattered from yesterday. I know some people took pictures of me though - anyone got Elphaba?
  10. *grin* Got my picture, with three out of five people in it the same shade of green do you put them online at all? I'm going to have to take mine to the library to scan it, if not...
  11. Ohhhh I wish I could have seen that... the confidence!! Mind you... I'd ask him to keep his uniform on all day too *laughs* I did that myself yesterday. Earls Court to Euston to Victoria, then watching Who in the 'spoons at the station, 5 hours back to Manchester on the coach and walking through the city centre at 4 in the morning - all while painted bright green and lugging a broomstick around behind me. It's not so hard! *G*
  12. Hehe, yep. Bumped into Lucci Carro in the street on my way back to Victoria, and she said hi :)
  13. I didn't find out until I had already left Manchester for London... so depressed by that! Alex was my main reason for going to this one as I hate London and avoid it most of the time. Fortunately she wasn't the only - but it does mean I'm going to have another delightful session of lugging my lifesize River cut-out about for ~500 miles in total and trying not to bend any of the corners...! Ah well. On the up side, I did get Nina to sign it (I love all Melody/River's incarnations, even if Alex is my favourite) and she was really sweet.
  14. Heh, just realised it's going to be 29C in London on Saturday. And my costume necessitates me wearing velvet. I do hope I don't faint!!
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