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  1. If comming in through gate 4 which is opposite the organisers booth, turn right and follow all signing tables and we are on the right, just before you get to gate 1.
  2. Due to popular demand, the Klingons and Orion Slave Girls are back. Have your photo taken with a Klingon or a Slave Girl, kill a tribble ..I mean buy a lovely cute tribble...no, I was right the first time...Tribbles are usless creatures..... All profits go to support Macmillan Cancer Support. We have already raised over £1,500 from previous events so many thanks so far. We can raise more for this useful cause.
  3. He signed my Blade of Kahless at MK a few years ago with no problem. Make sure the batleth is well wrapped up if it is steel. I have mine in a large rifle case.
  4. I have just sent out emails to those who requeted them. Anyone else wanting their photo, please email "klingon.warrior1@googlemail.com" with their details giving the day & approx time of photo, their name and brief description of who was in the photo & I will try to find the correct photo. Thanks for your support
  5. Heard yesterday that Earls Court is being knocked down at the end of next year.
  6. The photo stand has been set up as well as other flags etc. Bigger and better than ever. We have a few costumes, for you to dress up in for that authentic photo. We have Federation uniforms, Borg, Cardasian & Ferengi face masks for those who wish to be prisoners of the Empire as well as Klingon battle armour and robe for those who think they are worthy. The stand is next to the Stage 1 and the cafe. There is NO excuse for not finding us. As it is for a good cause, you will part with your money human. GIRRRRRRR!!
  7. Back by popular demand the Klingons are back. The Orion slave girls will be there also. Same rules as before. We will take a photo with us in costume in front of a Klingon backdrop. The photos will be available for collection about 30 mins later. The cost is a paultry £3 with the profits going to Macmillian Cancer Support. ((we only take 30p to cover ink & paper). In 2009 we raised £481.36 and in 2010 we raised £741.71. The two Orion slave girls will be in attendence but there will be no touching or else. We fear there will be a major outbreak of tribbles and they will also be available also. You will come and support our cause human....girrrrrrrr
  8. Ouch! Her not attending seems to becomming a bit of a trend.
  9. If Shatner is not arriving until after 1 and the photo shoot is from 2-3.30, what time is he signing to? If the photos are not back for two hours ~5.30, it does not give a lot of time for getting them signed as the show closes at 6.
  10. We will be doing other events but nothing planned as yet. We are thinking of doing one a year as they are a lot of work and we want to keep them fresh and exciting. As we have just done Milton Keynes and been in Leicester, we may do London again for the next one. Keep checking the forum for updates. A Tribble "Lovely" .....GRRRRR...useless creatures
  11. Checked with Earls Court today. The parking is not listed as apparently the paperwork has not been returned to them. Because of this, Earls Court cannot sell the tickets for the car parking.
  12. The final count was a masive £741.71 raised for Macmillan. A big thanks to all for your support
  13. Star Trek - Klingons. Fighting & Blood wine, need you say any more!
  14. Just to let everyone know, we raised approximately £750 for Macmillan and we had a great time.
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