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  1. Any chance of a photoshoot with him, Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie for a "Twice Upon A Time" photoshoot?
  2. Just need Tom Welling now... lol :)
  3. I assume that he's signing till two and then doing his photo shoots after.
  4. waggie98

    Couple of questions for Sunday.

    I arrive at London St Pancras.
  5. waggie98

    Couple of questions for Sunday.

    Thank you for the reply. Can I still take the Piccadilly line to Earls Court and then the overground to Olympia still?
  6. Hi there, Just wondering a few things. Just so that it eases my mind. 1) I have a photoshoot with only Hayley. If I miss the first shoot as I am in batch one can I go to the next one. Like previous events I assume I can? 2) What will the best time to arrive? prior to queuing. I come from Milton Keynes and so I'm concerned with getting to St Pancras . Any idea which is the best way to come? Thanks
  7. waggie98

    Quick question

    Brilliant, thanks. Relieved.
  8. I purchased an entry ticket for the Sunday, after checking out I realised I hadn't gone further on the E-ticket bit. The £2.50, I just clicked the agreement bit without thinking of adding the E-Ticket. I only realised after I had finally done it on my Hayley Atwell ticket. What happens now? is there any way to correct this?
  9. waggie98

    Guest Cancellation - Tony Smart

    Oh that's a shame. Was looking forward to meeting him hope to meet him soon.
  10. OH YES!! Love you Showmasters!
  11. Hayley Atwell would be amazing
  12. Wow awesome! loved her with David Tennant in Recovery and Blackpool.