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  1. What’s the email address so I can email about the refund?
  2. You’re lucky. I haven’t even been notified or received any email about getting a refund. And haven’t received one as of yet.
  3. I haven’t received an email about a refund or anything? what do I do?
  4. Any chance of a photoshoot with him, Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie for a "Twice Upon A Time" photoshoot?
  5. I assume that he's signing till two and then doing his photo shoots after.
  6. Thank you for the reply. Can I still take the Piccadilly line to Earls Court and then the overground to Olympia still?
  7. Hi there, Just wondering a few things. Just so that it eases my mind. 1) I have a photoshoot with only Hayley. If I miss the first shoot as I am in batch one can I go to the next one. Like previous events I assume I can? 2) What will the best time to arrive? prior to queuing. I come from Milton Keynes and so I'm concerned with getting to St Pancras . Any idea which is the best way to come? Thanks
  8. I purchased an entry ticket for the Sunday, after checking out I realised I hadn't gone further on the E-ticket bit. The £2.50, I just clicked the agreement bit without thinking of adding the E-Ticket. I only realised after I had finally done it on my Hayley Atwell ticket. What happens now? is there any way to correct this?
  9. Oh that's a shame. Was looking forward to meeting him hope to meet him soon.
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