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  1. Thank you for the quick reply I really appreciate it
  2. Hi, Please can you let me know when photo ticket sales will be on the EventBrite page for Jeff Rawle, Deborah Watling and Rupert Vansittart? I like to have everything in advance and the event is less than two weeks away 😀 Also when will the schedule be announced? Will there be a floor plan layout like there was for LFCC? Sorry for all the questions this is our first Sheffield Comic and only our second Showmasters convention (the first being LFCC Summer just gone 😀) Thank you 👍
  3. Hi, could you please let me know when the photo tickets will be on sale for Jeff Rawle? Also Deborah Watling is not on the tickets page for photos yet either? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, please can I ask why the Diamond Passes have end already? A friend was going to buy one and they have all ended now instead of tomorrow at 6pm? Thanks in advance
  5. I'm hoping not "Big" guests though? So for example, if Matt Smith is announced I'd like to know in plenty of time and if he is a Diamond Pass guest then that would be handy to be able to pre purchase the tickets lol
  6. Thanks guys! This doesn't help my purse (budgeting) and sorry that I haven't seen it in other posts so didn't know I was repeating I will just keep checking the forums even on the days of the Con haha
  7. Matt Smith for the Sunday would be good as he is in London anyway doing a play and he play doesn't happen on a Sunday 😀
  8. Hi, With this being our first LFCC I was just wondering at what point do you make FINAL guest announcements? This is so we know that after that point there won't be anyone else announced and we can budget accordingly? Also when does the Schedule go up so we are able to plan our time at the Convention? Thanks in advance guys!
  9. Does anyone from Showmasters know when Bonnie Langfords tickets for photos will be online?
  10. Awesome guest! When will her photo shoot tickets go on sale please? I've been on and they aren't on yet?
  11. Hi, I've just tried booking 2 photo shoots for him and could only book 1 as it wouldn't let me click on the batch number (he only has one batch), so I'm assuming it's full? Will there be photo tickets on sale on the day for him?
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