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  1. Title: Behavioural Analysis Author: Wereleopard58 Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo Spoilers: All of NCIS, and Criminal Minds Warning: Slash Summary: Tony is tired of people assuming he has no brains, because of his Phys Ed Degree. He decides to do long distance learning. He sees a seminar run by Dr Spencer Reid, the two become friends. The BAU comes up with a case that could eventually include naval personnel, Spencer knows who to contact. If you are huge fans of Ziva or McGee please don't read. Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with NCIS or Criminal Minds. I am just doing this for fun Feedback is always welcome. Chapter One Tony sat down watched and listened as Dr Spencer Reid spoke about what he did within the F.B.I. He had his own problems with that particular organisation, but he'd had problems with N.C.I.S as well. That was one of the reasons he was here. He'd had enough of Ziva and Tim and their little comments about how smart he was. A degree in Physical Education didn't seem to mean much to them, neither did all the years he spent as a cop. That was when he decided to do something about it. The only thing he had to figure out was what he was good at? Being a cop? Reading people? That is how he had ended up at a Behavioural Analysis seminar. He had enjoyed the seminar, but he wasn't sure if he would have time to do the studying and the assignments. Tony sat down and began to jot down the pros and cons of taking a course. He hadn't realised that the Q & A session had finished and people had started to leave the hall. Then he was by himself with the guest speaker Dr Spencer Reid. 'Can I help you with anything?' Spencer asked as he walked over. 'Not really, just trying to work out if I have the time or the brains to do this. My work doesn't leave me much time, and my co-workers don't think I have the brains.' Tony mumbled to himself. 'What's your name?' Spencer sat down next to him. 'Anthony DiNozzo, but you can call me Tony, Dr Reid.' 'Tony, please call me Spencer. What do you do?' 'I work for NCIS as an investigator.' 'I can see why you're busy.' Spencer smiled as he thought of his own job. 'You do need to have some brains to do that job.' Tony laughed bitterly. 'Not according to my co-workers. My degree in Physical Education and my years as a cop don't mean anything.' 'I have a colleague who was a cop. You have to be able to read people to do that job.' 'Yeah, it is one of the things I can do. That is why I thought about doing criminal profiling or something along those lines. Even if I thought I could do the course, I still have very little time.' Tony shrugged his shoulders. 'I might be able to help there. I have a friend who is a professor, and teaches one of the courses. She has before given some leeway to people who are in our professions. How about I give her a call and see what she suggests?' 'I guess it wouldn't do any harm listening to her.' Tony chuckled as Spencer threw him a grin. XXXXX Tony made his way back to the Navy Yard, they had been called in. He was glad that he'd had a chance to talk with Spencer some more and also meet this Professor he had talked about. Professor Suzanne Shields was middle aged and very nice. She seemed to think Tony would be perfect for her course. He had finally agreed and signed on. Now all he had to do was study and pass the assignments. 'What the hell am I doing?' He muttered to himself as the elevator doors opened to his floor. Tony took a deep breath, so he was ready for the comments and walked straight to his desk. Gibbs glanced up at his SFA, and frowned. His gut screamed at him, which meant something, was wrong. He couldn't figure out what. DiNozzo looked fine, that was when he saw the closed off look on Tony's face. What had happened for that to appear? 'Finally made it in Tony, what was she blonde or brunette?' McGee asked snidely. Tony sat down at his desk and ignored the other man. It was getting harder and harder for him to work in this atmosphere. There was only so much he could take. 'Maybe she blew him up McGee.' Ziva laughed. All three men turned to look at her with confusion. 'You meant blew him off Ziva.' Tony corrected her, but said nothing else. Ziva turned to look at McGee, who shrugged his shoulders. 'If you've all finished talking we have a dead body waiting for us.' Gibbs snapped. He would have to work out what was wrong with Tony at a later date. XXXXX A few months had passed, and Spencer not only had his work email but he finally got a personal one as well. He and Tony had kept in touch. He loved to see how Tony's mind absorbed information, and placed pieces together. Suzanne was over the moon with him as well. Yes, sometimes his assignments had been in late, but he always requested the time as soon as he knew he needed it. Tony hadn't let her down. He understood things quicker than she could ever have hoped for. Spencer looked up when his name was called for a meeting. XXXXX Hotch stared the screen and watched as Penelope pulled up the images of dead bodies. 'Is there any connection between the bodies?' Emily asked. 'Nothing, they were all found dressed in naval uniforms, but none of them belonged to the Navy.' Penelope answered. 'Metro PD are at a loss and have called us in.' 'Ok, let's head over there and find out what they have.' Hotch told his team. Just as he team started to leave, he noticed Special Agent Sacks. 'SSA Hotchner, I was just wondering if you thought about me working with your team sometime?' Sacks asked. 'I'm sorry Agent Sacks; I really haven't had time to discuss it yet. I have to go; we've been called out on a case.' Hotch smiled at him and left before anything else could be said. Sacks had been trying to get transferred to the BAU for a couple of years now, the team had met him on numerous occasions, and the one thing he couldn't do was read people. That was also one if not the most important things to do in their job. XXXXX Tony rubbed the bridge of his nose as he stared at his study book. Once again he had told the others he couldn't go out for a drink. Tony could see their faces as they tried to work out what he was up to. What he was trying to do was get an assignment completed. He knew he needed help, and it didn't want to contact Spencer, not yet anyway. There was only one person he could think off that could help him. He grabbed his cell and dialled. 'Hey Abs, I need your help.' TBC
  2. Would love to meet Michael Weatherly It could be an NCIS/NCIS:LA, and NCIS:NO. I would like to say Emily Wickersham (Ellie Bishop), Renee Felice Smith (Nell from LA) and Barrett Foa (Eric for LA) are all very lovely people. Jamie Bamber is in NCIS, Scott Bacula NCIS:NO, TJ Thyne (Bones). They have all done events before.
  3. Not yet I am waiting to see who is going. No one at the moment grabs my attention. With funds being limited also my health have to be careful. Hopefully will have a wheelchair by then as well.
  4. On my photo op I hand my walking stick to a member of the crew so it is not in the photo. Milo walked over to me, and walked me back to where the photo was to be taken. In the photo you can see the death grip he has on my hand,and the other is around my waist, so if my knees give way I wouldn't hit the ground.
  5. I know a lot of people had problems. I didn't. I had a gold pass, and brought all my photo ops before hand (budget means couldn't do autos). I do understand that a lot of people can't do that. I am not taking away from their problems, and obviously things need to be looked at, but I, personally, didn't experience many problems. I can only tell what my own experience was. The only real problem I had was the gentlemen doing the Summer Glau photo op in the morning. He stated that what gold passes meant was that we could only join the front of the q in our number batch (I was 451), and that was what everyone was told that morning. No one else actually did that apart from him, and I did 11 photoshoots. I had to go to the second session which meant I couldn't rest and it did cause me health problems the rest of the day (I am disabled). Saying that everyone else was wonderful and when I was struggling the crew at the later photoshoots got me chairs so I could rest, and almost to the front of the q. I was very thankful for that. The actors are wonderful as well. Milo walked over to be and walked me back across. In the photo you can see the death grip he has on my hand in case my knees did give way. I would like to mention that photo shoots I went to, so those who were there know how grateful I was to the crew and also the photographers. This was all on the Saturday: Iron Throne (in the morning), Star Wars throne, Paul McGann and the TARDIS console. Milo Ventimiglia (morning), David Hewlett (morning), Summer Glau (afternoon), Jamie Bamber (afternoon), Edward James Olmos (afternoon), Dina Meyer (afternoon), Robert Knepper (morning), TJ Thyne (afternoon), Lita (afternoon), Juliet Landau (afternoon). I would also like to thank some of the attendees, unfortunately I don't know their names. People let me use a chair at their table twice so I could sit and rest (different people), the numerous times I dropped my bag. Finding me a chair in the q, and getting updates for me. Once again I thank everyone (apart from one lol), that took my health into consideration and did what they could to make it easier for me. Lea
  6. I am, my friend who goes with me is doing something else. So me and my walking stick will be alone lol
  7. Ok with the gold pass do you get to go to the front of this q or do you wait (not sure if this is included or not)? Where do you buy the tickets for this? I want to get the iron throne but I have 3/4 photoshoots at the start and end of the day when they are doing these. I would rather get it out of the way in the morning if possible. Just want to confirm where I get the tickets from. Never done a prop shoot before so brand new thing for me.
  8. The gold ticket you don't get sent, you collect it at the event (so I assume it ends up being nothing). I think it was for the photoshoots that had no delivery cost on them. Have you checked your spam for the missing emails they might have ended up in there.
  9. Lovely man, loves to chat to fans. Try and get an early ticket if you can. His q will be long and take time to get through
  10. clothes for over night (which will go with my parents. I am unable to travel by myself), tickets train and guests. My water, all my painkillers and hairbrush, make up and deodrant (want to look as good as i can for photo ops, and don't want to smell), and my kindle.
  11. Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Castle, NCIS, Veronica Mars, and Once Upon a Time
  12. On the saturday I can see the Paul McGann photoshoot, is that the one with or without the Tardis console as I can't see any others? Seen the earier post about this now sorry lol
  13. Thank for this at least I know where I am going lol. I am not going on the tube at all. I am getting the over train from Clapham Junction to West Brompton. I have arthritis and if I remember correctly Earl's Court tube has lots of stairs and no escalators.
  14. I have limited funds so I generally do a photo shoot after 14 yrs of cons I have so many signed pictures etc it is getting ridiculous. I am not the most photogenic of people. I do prefer having pictures with the people I like. If you have certain items that you want signed then maybe auto's. As everyone else said it is a personal choice
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