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  1. I went to all the Hubs except the last one, they were fantastic weekends. This Torchwood tour sounds amazing. xxx
  2. Only just heard about this via Twitter. I haven't been on here for a while. I will almost certainly be attending and it sounds brilliant. Looking forward to visiting Cardiff (only been once) and this time I will be driving down! xxx
  3. After much deliberation (thought about it so much last night) I have decided that unfortunately I won't be able to come to the last Hub. I now regret not getting tickets earlier but I don't have the cash. I'm feeling okay about it at the moment but ask me again on the morning it starts and I will be absolutely gutted. I hope everyone has an amazing time, and makes the last one go with a bang. I'm going to try and do another con later in the year, maybe LFCC or something but for now, it is goodbye. God that has made me feel incredibly sad!. xxx
  4. I'm starting to think that I won't be able to make it after all due to funds, but I aim to do everything I can to get there! xxx
  5. This is sad news, but like others I'm not surprised. Before I attended the first Hub, I had never been to a convention and really didn't know what to expect, but I've had some of the best weekends of my life at these events. I remember getting all excited when the second Hub was announced, thinking it was a one off, and I couldn't wait to go. Thanks to each and every one of the crew for their hard work, you guys are awesome. I have some amazing memories. My mum and I definitely are attending the last one, we've been to all the rest so would be a shame to miss it, going to book my tickets in a few days, and for once I will get to drive down this time. Roll on Hub 8! xxx
  6. I will be too. xxx
  7. I presume we are able to buy standard tickets on the door? It may be a late buy for me this time around...I'm definitely coming though! xxx
  8. Phoned tonight and booking present and correct...the person I spoke to last week had 'forgotten' to process the deposit fee, so will see what happens. Still no email, despite her apparently (re)sending it through whilst I was on the phone. I love the Park Inn so pleased to be booked in, but I won't settle until I get confirmation. xxx
  9. I think someone needs to clarify this ASAP because whilst I don't mind paying a deposit as a means of securing a room, the fact that it hasn't been taken is worrying me. Mind you, the person I spoke to when I booked sounded like she clearly didn't have a clue. Phone call coming tonight..... xxx
  10. Very jealous at everyone meeting Norman...love him. There is time yet however and I may get there! xxx
  11. Still no confirmation email, or invoice, and rather more worryingly they haven't taken out the deposit of £52...I presume everyone else has had to pay this? It's a week tomorrow since I booked and I know hotels are normally really fast at taking payments... xxx
  12. They sent me an invoice in the post a few days later - did they offer this to you too? I was a bit worried at first too as I didn't have a confirmation no. But all seems OK. They didn't mention anything about an invoice, but it may well be in the post. I will look out for it, and if nothing by mid-week, will phone them. Thanks for that info. xxx
  13. My booking is all done now too.....though I'm still waiting for an email confirmation, since Wednesday. I'll be phoning later on to double check. xxx
  14. Thanks ladyjane6313. I was going to phone this afternoon, but I won't now! xxx
  15. Many thanks for the update regarding this. xxx
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