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  1. Personnally I feel the saturation of events in the past few years has run dry. I much prefer the good old days of C:MK twice a year and LFACC. I know alot of people have spoken but I feel London is a long way to travel for myself 2/3 times a year plus the expense. I havent been to C:MK since the move not just because of move but mainly because of the date changes. The 2 shows at the end of April/beginning of May and also end of September worked fantastically. Ideally the shopping centre would still be perfect but I know that isnt possible. I also really enjoy LFACC the venue and type of guest is perfect. I know the world centres around London but its not always the most ideal place. I will continue to attend Showmasters shows, you put on great events - mix up the type of guests, dont always bring in the same old same old, current film and TV fads work well and you wont go far wrong
  2. I attended on Saturday, with the intention of meeting Phil, but couldnt find him anywhere. There was no sign saying he had cancelled. Any help?
  3. do we know what days these guys will be attending yet?
  4. it was end of April beginning of May not Spring bank holiday at the end of May as it will be
  5. i must have been to a different event, first collectormania ive spent less than 90 minutes at, in fact more time queuing bring back the shopping centre dealers area cramped and felt like a jumble sale (1 regular dealer wasnt impressed with the ne venue at all) walkways were cramp, what with the queuing for guests and generally trying to pass by, very cold there and bad idea having dealers so far away. I managed to get the guests I wanted to meet but the magic seems to have been lost. plus another downer theres no C16 in september and its now next year in Spring bank holiday week when a lot of people take holidays so Im sure numbers will be down. I hope the new hall next time will help. I dont like to moan but felt I had to say something, I usually really enjoy the MK experience
  6. what day is Adrian Rawlings appearing??
  7. I will quite happily spread the word for you, can I also ask in these hard times the price of the autographs is reduced and also C:MK returns to its regular dates in the future obiton
  8. Having just returned from this Collectormania, the main view I could gather was that the move was a bad idea. The layout for C15 looks ridiculous, youl certainly need your walking shoes on,plus the dealers seem to be next to each other in a ring, I overheard 1 dealer who wont be going because they love the atmosphere of being close to each other plus the passing shopper trade will disappear. I also overheard one of the American dealers complaining about the move and more so the date change which has thrown his whole schedule for next year out the window We thought if the centre MK cut down on space then maybe cut down on dealers so more signers could get in, but will look forwad to the excuses, sorry reasons next week
  9. at least the shopping centre has character whereas some of these halls - earls court, gmex etc are just empty lifeless spaces
  10. I, like some of you, really go for the shopping centre experience. Its great to be able to go between collectormania and the shops at will plus it gives my wife more to do. Unfortunately I will not be attending the new venue
  11. You said "well next year the party will be local to Collectormania and that may help with thicket sales" does that mean youre moving Collectormania or is the party closer to the shopping centre obiton
  12. Fantastic show, thank you, 3rd time at LFACC and the best by far Crew were excellent, kept out of th way enough so that you felt you were talking to the actor and not a crew member as has happened in the past. Organisation great Venue great, lighting much better. Celebs a fantastic bunch Talks excellent Bring on LFACC 2009 and C14, C15, C16, C17 ............. thank you again Only a few gripes: No seating Poor quality photographs in this High Definition era Not enough stalls
  13. for me: Karen Allen was number 1 - really a fantastic smile and so happy at being there David Anders - said he loved my picture and wished the ones that were supplied were as good Georgia Moffet - again joyous Bill Oddie and John Hurt- top blokes obiton
  14. obiton


    This may have already been covered, but will there be 4 distinctive queues set up at the doors and barriered off from each other .i.e Early Bird pre paid, Early Bird pay on the door, Standard Pre Paind, Standard pay on the door. I only ask as last year wasnt completely obvious and there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing
  15. all was OK for me, got everyone I needed to. Saturday was a perfect day, the only problem with Sunday was that we were in a queue for Natalia Tena which went across the walkway opening and down the side of lewis', if VT's had been given out earlier as John Barrowmans had, instead of bang on 10am then a huge obtruction wouldnt have been casued. My only other suggestion would be to give VT's out as people arrive even if well before the show start time obiton
  16. this question comes up every year, no way has it out grown MK. Sure it was busy today and some of the queues could have been organised better but as a whole there was no health and safety issues,today was a lot busier than yesterday but we still could get around fine. long live Collectormania MK obiton
  17. Natalia was a fab guest, she told us she had, had only 2 hours sleep cos she was so nervous about today and didnt know what to expect.Se was really nice Mark too was fantastic, brilliant stories about Robin of Sherwood plus Transformers. More RoS guests please. obiton
  18. Indiana Jones films - we've had Star Wars ad Star Trek, bout time we took time out for Indy being as though there is a new film out obiton
  19. Masi Oka Dirk Benedict Amanda Tapping
  20. I agree, it would be nice to know where our hard earned cash is going and it certainly isnt rude £20 for someones signature is very expensive but we still pay it (including myself) not questioning it. Do the guests get it all or a percentage and part goes to SM/ charity etc
  21. I had a good day, great selection of guests Thought the venue could be reviewed - size and lighting ( as previously commented on by others) Also thought there werent as many dealers and so was soon around them Queueing for guests was good but what I saw the talk queues needed a bit more organisation maybe because it was a smaller area and so close to the other guests obiton
  22. I thought it was way too dark, as did alot of the dealers i was talking to. Some are even taking torches tomorrow obiton
  23. Theres no one I want to meet this time round at C12, but I will still be attending because its such a class show obiton
  24. personally I dont see the point in mixing the 2 - this happened at the Brum event and the sports kind of take over. Think the sports should stay seperate, only my personal opinion obiton
  25. "Im not afraid" "You will be, .... you will be" and "he's the brains sweetheart"
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