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  1. i would love to see anyone from Buffy, Angel, Firefly. Also, would love to meet Peter Capaldi fro Thick of it/in the loop as i would love a photo with Malcolm Tucker!! anyone from mad men, sopranos, six feet under and dexter would be great too! oooh and kiefer sutherland and wentworth miller!!!
  2. i would just like to say i thoroughly enjoyed my time at CM17 today. Was there to meet Anthony Head who was lovely. i think the dealers area was too crowded but i dont see how u can easily control that. anyway, would love to hear everyone elses thoughts
  3. i totally agree Jason, i was there on saturday so on friday night i decided to read people's reviews. they worried me and shouldn't have because this year's collectormania was the best i have ever been to!! thank you so much for getting nathan fillion there! already looking forward to next time :-)
  4. I thought the stalls area was great! and it was absolutely packed! i wonder what guests will be there next time... think my sister wants some twilight people... (i know some will be at LFCC but we can't go this year).
  5. well, i am glad everyone had a great time overall. i am glad there was more stalls this year. to be honest, the fact Nathan Fillion was there was enough for me. Hehe!!!! Can't wait for the next one! I just read someones post from Friday and they said there was hardly any stalls there and when i looked onthe web site there wasnt a lot of friday guests. i just assumed that was why people didnt enjoy it so much. there was more stalls than there usually is at the shopping centre anyway. and as for the weather, as some one who worked t the event today told me, stadiums are usually cold. Just gotta wrap up warm...this is britain after all! haha
  6. Ok, so Friday night, after the first day of the con, i went on here to read the reviews of the day and found a lot of negativity. To be honest, a lot of guests weren't signed up for the Friday so no wonder people didn't get a good experience. I went today (Saturday) and had a brilliant time! I loved the new venue. Lots more stalls, lots more guests. I am so happy to have met Nathan Fillion - lovely bloke. It was really busy and everyone seemed to be having such a good time. It was really well organised too. Thank you Showmasters for another brilliant convention! Keep up the good work!
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