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  1. mutley

    Roddy Piper

    Lets give this another bump. Meeting him this past weekend was amazing. The man is just so happy to meet people and talk and talk. You get the feeling that there is no ego attatched to him being there. He know people have paid and traveled to be there and he gives you that respect, i dont like having to ask for a handshake, but he is stood up ready to welcome you. Its not just that he is happy to chat with you about anything, but its the fact that he seems to be listening to everything you say. It was good to see that he had some They Live pics on his desk. But I had forgot to bring my dvds along, the whole wrestling con thing again for me. I do feel that showmasters are missing a trick here.
  2. mutley

    Rourke vs. Jericho at Wrestlemania

    i saw this on yahoo. He said he was talking to roddy piper about it too. I guess Piper is going to be swamped with that question tomorrow.
  3. mutley

    Trying to track down Rodderick the Bear...

    Now the question is do you want my email, or Rodericks? Please you made a noise I have Heros photos here waiting. Mine is mutleys_babe@yahoo.com
  4. mutley

    Roddy Piper

    i wouldnt feel right getting my dvds signed at a wrestling convention.
  5. mutley

    Roddy Piper

    Oh i am, i am. Cant really take all my stuff to it tho. Plus im thought it would be nice to get hime at SM event for the acting side of his career.
  6. mutley

    Roddy Piper

    This need rebumping. Roddy Piper is in the uk for another event in January. So it is possible to get him over here. Please Showmasters get the Rowdy one. I have a ton and a half of stuff still left that needs signing.
  7. mutley

    SPACED !

    Lets not forget the glorious Marsha - Julia Deakin
  8. mutley

    Dr Bear

    He will be with me, just not sure what day he will be dressed as the Doctor.
  9. mutley

    C14 Crew e-mails on their way

    So the website is wrong? Im confuzzled. The website does give the impression that the thursday is collectormania. Doors at 9am. Do i tell my friend not to pack the kids in the car on thursday.
  10. mutley

    C14 Crew e-mails on their way

    I got a fair few too. The thursday thing is a tad puzzling. Can we get some clarification on that please.
  11. mutley

    Glasgow Crew Confirmations Sent

    I still havent recieved an answer. I will try emailing in again midweek.
  12. mutley

    Unwritten Rules Of Public Buses

    Woohooo my favourite topic. Most of mine have been covered here so ill add to it. Mothers one mum one buggy. she had it parked so no one could use that area either to stand or park another buggy. No child in said buggy. She had 4 other kids with her, toddlers, so that the 4 seats at the front gone, she had the baby out of the buggy sat on the seat next to her, so that was the two seats by the buggy part gone. ANd they all had to shout their conversations to each other. Wasnt english so you couldnt understand even thopugh you had to listen to it. Now I help my friend with her shopping, I dont like calling her old coz she isnt but she does have gret bobbed hair. And yes she has an old lady shopping trolly. I have a ton and a half of cat food tins in my back pack and my friends trolly. Now do you think she would move any of her kids to let my friend sit? Or even move the empty buggy so i could get out of the way of other people. I like the corner, saves me toppling over. Then another mum got on. Baby fast asleep in the buggy. Would this other woman move? NO! Now yes some would say i was in the way, but i was right at the back of the bus backpack and trolly and trying to make sure Margaret was ok with the other bags. So this poor sleeping baby got woken up and lifted out and handed to someone that offered her their seat up at the back, buggy colapsed and shopping sort of shared out amoung will people. So poor woken baby got handed back to mum who had buggy betewwen her knees along with a bag or two. Another buggy story. Possibly the same woman, who knows. I get off at the last but one stop, and its rare that there is anyone else on there. So I was shocked to see the bottom of the stairs blocked by a buggy. I had a look to see what the hold up was. There wasnt one! the bus was empty. She had just decided to park there. I asked if you could please move?, i said i was sorry can i please get out. No form of begging would get her to move. The driver could see the situation and was asking for her to move. I ended upi doing this mad jump across the buggy on to the seats and steped over the seat backs to get off. Drivers this has happened a few times now. I get the bus to victoria for the vets. Now the bus stop i use has buses going both ways so we have to check that it is going to victoria. Now my cat weighs a figging ton and and a half and hates being outside let alone in a carrier. We got on the bus that has Victoria on the front, houling cat and all, we go ten minutes up the road and the driver says all off, bus terminates here. Im mean WTF?! Now london buses cost £2, £1 if you have an oyster card. so its everyone off the bus and to wait for another. Most of the people either got on another bus route or just vanished. All the time my cat is making out his is being slowly tourtured to death. So when another victoria bus shows up its packed and the driver wants me to pay again, and really didnt understand why i was asking if he wass going to victoria even though it says it on the front. Now i remember the time when if the bus has to stop before the route was complete, you got given the reason and given a ticket print out saying you had paid. not anymore it seems. And if you see someone with very long arms with a yowling cat box, help, dont stare tutting. I want to add that the trip back from the vet was just as mad. I rang the bell to get off, but the driver had other ideas, when i yelled why he had just missed out that loop of his journey he said he didnt realise and did i want to get off. (No pal, im just ring the bell for the fun of it) He did stop the bus for me and let me off, and another young chap. On a busy road with barriers up to stop people crossing. And yes cat was still yowling. I was polite with him didnt raise my voice in anger. Young chap jumped the barrier with the passing comment of that driver is nuts. I could jump the barier so had to make my way along the busy road round the roundabout and back to the buspot i needed.
  13. mutley

    Lost and Found

    It wasnt left in the talks, the only thing we found there was a black cardi which we handed in to the organisers. I know. Im no help.
  14. mutley

    Tom savini

    Didnt he know that sunday is hangover day?
  15. mutley

    how much did this little weekend cost?

    My brain just blew a fuse when i hit the £400 mark on autos and entry alone. Had to buy a new SD card for my camera too. No hotel or travel costs.