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  1. Not being funny, but have you thought that it's *because* they recognise you that they ask for ID... have to make sure you haven't just escaped from the asylum ;p
  2. In theory, yes. I must admit that I don't think I've ever been asked for it, but there's always a first time
  3. If you have the email confirmation and your ID with you it should be fine, but it's worth dropping Jola an email (info@collectormania.com) just so she's aware that you haven't received the letter.
  4. I'll be driving in from Cambridge/Huntingdon way and will have room for one or two people (depending on how much luggage everyone has!) if anyone fancies a lift.
  5. You also have to remember that it's not always work they cancel for, and it's not always before the event - my very first con was a Buffy one (many moons ago!) that Alexis Denisof was supposed to attend for the whole weekend but he ended up having to fly home a day early for personal reasons, and that only came up halfway through the second day.
  6. Word from Tom is that if he's invited back for Hub 3 he'll make sure he can hang out at the parties this time
  7. Nice idea, but highly unlikely to happen as they'd need to obtain a licence to show the episodes which I suspect would be prohibitively expensive.
  8. Me too! Tom asked if we were going and I actually checked out the cost of flights when I got back and was seriously tempted to go until I remembered that I'd need a hotel room too
  9. Saw Tom last night and he'd "absolutely love" to do Hub 3 if he's invited. And he still has all of us from Hub 2 as his voicemail message
  10. Very saddened to hear of Andy's passing. I shall always remember meeting him at a con and have him crack me up during the photo shoot by yelling "look at me, I'm a media whore!" a truly fabulous and big-hearted person. RIP
  11. No worries, thought that would be the case but it never hurts to ask :)
  12. Can't remember if there was a gap but the A3 signs for gold passes were very much in evidence and the crew were very good about checking passes from what I could see, so if people lost their seats it would have been to another gold pass holder and they still would have been able to sit in the reserved gold section albeit that it might not have been in such a great seat. As for bathroom breaks taking more than 5 mins because of the queues, maybe I just managed to time it right at this event but I certainly didn't see massive queues like we experienced at Hub 1 and think the only time I took more than 5 mins in the bathroom was when I retouched my makeup. And the seat saving situation was exactly the same at Hub 1 as it was at Hub 2 - it was only allowed for bathroom breaks/intimate encounters. I think that's pretty standard at any event, not just showmasters ones
  13. Just wondering if it's too late to offer to crew for Collectormania Midlands? I was supposed to be working but have just been told I'm not needed after all...
  14. I'll bow to your superior knowledge. Obviously just showing my age.
  15. I'd vote for the twisted fairytale (I'm not a faerie gothmother for nothing!) and the pantomime theme
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