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  1. How Javier never got a Best Actor nod instead of a Best Supporting Actor is beyond me. I know Tommy Lee Jones was the BIG NAME, but Javier owned that film.
  2. Gail Kim, having finally signed her WWE Contract, is expected to join the Smackdown brand and feud with Michelle McCool who is in the middle of a Heel Turn. Maryse is expected to turn FACE as she is expected to be the PLAYBOY Diva in 2009. Tomko has signed a contract with the WWE and will debut soon. No official date, but it will be before the Royal Rumble for obvious reasons, or at the Rumble itself.
  3. Slighty off topic...props for the NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN icon picture
  4. None taken Barni....it did go off topic a little when I was chatting to Pez..
  5. Wrestling Journalist Ryan Clark is reporting that WWE Producer BRUCE PRICHARD aka BROTHER LOVE has been released by the WWE. As this is fresh from the ECW Tapings and Live RAW Show going on at the moment, the WWE have yet to officially announce it. More news as it comes.
  6. He has his priorities right then lol I guess the government facilities may have to adhere to the rules to the letter than private companies - although I could be well off of the mark. With private companies having to answer to share holders and balance the books without the potential bailout from central government, I would think your Dad may have more opportunity there. After such a storied career I am sure he will get some work soon. Despite the current financial climate, your Dad has a trade/skill with nearly 3 decades of experience.
  7. It surprises me that no one will take him on as they could get away with paying less than those with a piece of paper that says they are qualified. Has he applied to the government for work and they have turned him down for work because of no certificate?
  8. A bit foolish by John, but another situation of people/media and others blowing things out of proportion. As with Brand and Ross, the situation was blown out of proportion and Brand/Ross were made scapegoats for the actions of superiors deciding to air a previously recorded show UNCUT and after Andrew Sachs asked for the answer phone messages not to be aired. Now, I do not condone what Brand and Ross did or said, but why broadcast a show that contained what it did? Also, no one at the BBC has publicly denied Jonathon Ross's claim that he told the show producer to cut the answer phone bits out as it would cause problems. That to me shouts volumes what really went on. I am sure this will fade away and John will carry on as normal. In the manner of Comic Book Guy.....BEST LINE EVER!
  9. All I can see in my head now is Joey from Friends when he had all of Chandler's clothes on...
  10. That's a shame to hear about your Dad losing his job. In Bristol some areas are looking bad because alot of businesses have relocated to the new shopping centre that recently opened. I am fortunate enough to be in a reasonably secure retail sector, but the shops still seem to be buzzing with shoppers. I have never met Warrick before, but I have heard great things about him as a guest.
  11. That is why I just invested in a lovely warm coat....
  12. Whenever I have been at an event where Craig has been a guest, he has always been busy. Always happy to have a laugh with fans, posing with sily faces in photos and loving a good chat, Craig is a guest who always delivers..
  13. I have just got my copy of the new Eddie Guerrero dvd box set VIVA LA RAZA - THE LEGACY OF EDDIE GUERRERO and it is superb. Nearly nine hours of footage, and some classic matches. Everything from his tag team with Art Barr, to his final match with Mr Kennedy where he won via DQ after faking a chair shot and throwing the chair to Kennedy - vintage Latino Heat. This collection make me cry several times when they were talking to those people who mattered to Eddie, and when Dave Batista replayed how he found out about Eddie dying it was very sad. Vicky Guerrero is herself, and not what you see on TV. You can see that she truly loves Latino Heat,a nd I got the feeling she will never stop loving him. A high recommendation to any wrestling fan who loves great wrestling ability combined with superb entertainment. R.I.P. Eddie......still Lying, Cheating, and Stealing!!!!!
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