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  1. WOW THAT QUICK things have changed, thank you buying the ticket tommorow.
  2. im in a bit off a delema hope someone can help, it has been years since I attended one of these events , my main reason for going has had to cancel, this has freed up some cash for a photoshoot with the wookiees I would like, according to the sceduale this is at 5pm on Saturday, will the pictures be ready by closing time, sadly there is no chance of me coming back sunday (I was lucky to get Saturday off work) and im not keen on the idea of anything being posted threw my leter box (had one or 2 items arrive in less than perfect condition thank you royal mail) .
  3. this news has definatly put a downer on my week, with my plans to go to L.A. in November scuppered this was going to be my top event for the year, im not necicerly going to be happy if he gets booked for lfcc in july as I already tried to book days of work for that to meet Christina riccie and got told NO.
  4. here are my pics hopefully this lot will come out ok.
  5. Ok here are my pics from saturday (please ignor the ugly dude in the brown t-shirt) LEA THOMPSON - very lovely and my number one reason for going http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a275/GOR...thompsonsat.jpg TAWNEY CYPRUS - im not a heroes fan , i went to get an auto for one of my friends but she looks so pritty so i got one for myself as well and this nice picture http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a275/GOR...nycyprussat.jpg NANCY ALLEN - looking very gooD http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a275/GOR...ncyallensat.jpg CONNER TRINNEER - proved why he was cheif engineer on the enterprise by helping one attendee set his camara up with no flash http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a275/GOR...trinneersat.jpg all the guests i met were great and in good spirits
  6. i just recently saw the show BURN NOTICE and he was very good in that.
  7. 3 things to say 1 A most exelent guest 2 got to have a photo shoot 3 she will need a decent selection of 10 by 8s not just from back to the future, should include - howard the duck, caroline in the city, red dawn, some kind of wonderfull and the wild life.
  8. I know why he cancelled, he heard i was going to be there every con or event he is listed for that i attend he ends up cancelling every con or event i cannot make it to he's there usualy haveing a great time its a conspiricy i tell you
  9. we have missed out on meeting her twice, i think its the venue of being in london, lets hope manchester has the charm
  10. yeah i saw him too, at that point he was sorting his stuff out to pack away as a big security guard was watching over him got to admire his cheek
  11. I was just watching the video that is posted on here and im sure thats matty sitting behind jewel reading a magazine, take a look.
  12. this was one of the cheepest events for me mostly as i had almost run out of cash before i got there, i did get helen and adrieane's autos and they were both happy to pose for pics which you will see in my photobucket link. the rest are from the sunday costume competition, sorry my camara is not the best. http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a275/GOR...ECTAMANIA%2012/ i realy felt sorry for the young girl who was running it, she had no idea who papa lazarus was so a vader version totaly threw her, it was well funny. cedric, nevil and krum came 3rd, the 2 leia's came second and little adria won. i had to miss out on meeting , kevin sorbo, erick avari, dave lee, robert picardo, leslie philips and ian macniece, i would also liked to have seen jewel staite just to say hi and get a stargate photo but to be fair she would have to have been last on the list as i have had the good fortune of meeting her several times before. oh if only i had won the lottery last week dispite my poverty i had a good day.
  13. im going to see her tommorow, does she have any 10 by 8's of her in the legand of billie jean ?
  14. look in the guest days and prices topic at the top of this forum, all the info you need is there.
  15. i'd love to see one of the spinners (flying police cars ) from bladerunner
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