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    No! It can't be! Not Roy 'Taxi Driver in Eastenders' Holder! I've always wanted his autograph! It makes up for the 15 I was going to get from Dreyfuss! Hmm, the anaesthetic must be wearing off from my bone marrow biopsy today...
  2. gilgalad70

    Latest Guest Announcement Andrew Sachs

    So lets have a look at the whole thing. Brand sleeps with girl from Burlesque group called Satanic Sluts and is a wholesome human being therefore. Brand/Ross record the show, and ask Sachs for permission, permission denied, but broadcast anyway. Two people complain on the night. 8 days later, after no further complaints, Mail on Sunday who naturally have no axes to grind with Ross, Brand or BBC do article on it. Dirt hits the fan.... Yep, it's a Brass Eye bandwagon jumper, take a choice on episode, Cake, or that one suggesting paedos can control kiddies computers etc etc. Or Jerry Springer the Opera... 45 thousand complaints BEFORE broadcast, thanks to Jeremy Vine and the Christian Funda Mentalists. Sachs accepted both apologies that were made in private, but the meeja want PUBLIC apologies... Why? Was there really this much axe grinding desire for retribution when Kenneth Williams etc talked in Polari on Beyond the Horne, or Frost did his stuff on TW3?
  3. gilgalad70

    A thank you to you all

    Trading cards at autographica? Wrong market... shoulda tried elsewhere. Like Coventry this weekend. Btw Happy Birthday R Dreyfuss..
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    Here's some of my efforts
  5. gilgalad70

    My Photography Course Images

    Caroline had just the one daughter there AFAIK. Definitely got her Mum's genes, lets just say that. I'd have thought you'd have been at the show, nicky, or were you too engrossed in the London Cosplay show at Docklands, with added Merlin.. I don't think I heard one positive comment about that show all Sunday..
  6. gilgalad70

    Autographica 13

    Just make sure you don't have any baseballs requiring Buzz's attentions.. ASF girls were suggesting 5-600 a 'throw' (pun sorta intended).
  7. gilgalad70

    My Photography Course Images

    Pretty gooduns Kiwi, Loved Patrick Moores shirts.. almost outdid Gary Lockwoods, and he's from Malibu! Kept quiet about sneaking Caroline out the room, eh... Did you ask her daughters permission if you could borrow Mum?
  8. gilgalad70

    Early reports on the show?

    Well bearing in mind everything else trying to punch holes in folks pockets.. I'm not surprised it was relatively quiet. Busy enough though. I seem to recall that the dealer half of the room at Brum always looked very quiet on both days.. so this time although it seemed more compact, it seemed busier. Plenty of guests dotted around. 2001/Patrick were signposted, but Jim/Dave didn't seem to be. Yep, Rachel McDowell was a star. Heck, a Scouser that signs stuff, rare these days! If what I heard about her acting start is much to go by, Look out World.. I forgot to ask her if she got Acting lessons from Streep and Singing from Brosnan or vice versa on the set of Mama Mia... I told her at the start that I wasn't into Mama Mia, but by the end of the weekend, had succumbed, and got an 8*10 (for my Mum), and the OST (yet to be signed ). Dammn she could be rather persuasive.. LOL! Interesting how Kiwi7 managed to get Susan George to model, but not Bond Girl Rachel... Well, I know Susan's more experienced and as his Dad said, knew the poses. Great Dinner, not entirely sure the 2001 refs at the start entirely worked.. I did note a few ears of corn sprouting.. but having watched the'Jupiter Mission' section today, there were quite a few quotes that got missed.. Shame Shabs will be a long-haired hippy compared to some of us at the next show..
  9. gilgalad70


    Great shots there. I noticed a camera with a large white flashbox mounted up top, was that your camera? Good to see Kiwi7 behaving himself by not inhalingi too much gas from the balloons...
  10. gilgalad70

    Security at the show

    I'm guessing that either I picked the wrong times on both days to pass by (or enter) Dave/Jim's lair, but I doubt I saw much of a queue at any time for either. I think Gerry and Vance could have easily fitted into THAT room, leaving the ASF and other space dealers room to trade. As for that other event, I heard it was a bit busy, mostly mixed with comments about the numbers of folks who go in costume.. and wondering what brings someone to think it'd be a great idea to do that..
  11. gilgalad70

    Guest Suggestions - AUTOGRAPHICA 13

    Last week Clarkson did his column supporting Ringo and his 'no more autographs' message. He suggested it was the bain of his life now.. was ok at first, but now takes up so much time.. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/...icle1826328.ece
  12. gilgalad70

    Guest Suggestions - AUTOGRAPHICA 13

    Nah, Jeremy Clarkson... Btw Jezza seems to think anyone remotely interested in collecting autographs either in person or by post, or Ebay are sad individuals, but not quite as sad as those who collect on behalf of dealers. Apparently, he claims to sign items for those collectors.. 'To the kiddie fiddler'. Nice Guy, huh! Apparently much better to spend 100K on a Ford GT40 that needs to refuel if he drives from home to Top Gear Studios (ohh 120 miles, apparently?) thats if it starts or doesn't break down.. than a few quid on something that might be worth more than scrap in 2 years time.. Bet the queues to buy his book are REALLY long now! I think NOT! I thought Astronautix was the Asterix character that only became powerful on Full Moons.. sorry.....
  13. gilgalad70

    Sir Roger Moore

    Its all that fairy liquid she probably had to bathe in during her formative years thanks to mummy advertising the stuff.. soft as your face and all that. Or the industrial quantities of moisturiser Andi Peters left behind after leaving Going Live.
  14. gilgalad70

    Auction at the Dinner

    Hmm, Bank of Dave operates that we pay Bank of Dave money, Bank of Dave pays ASF or Benevolent fund. Didn't think many places took cheques these days, Bank of Dave, Bank of Tesco (very little help...). Nowhere..
  15. gilgalad70

    Auction at the Dinner

    Just so folks like me can try to prepare as properly as poss for next weekends frivolities, can we get a heads up on propsed auction items like that bunch at the Hub got? Also, would debit cards be a payment source for the items, or would the Space stuff be credit card/cash only again? Or might one be able to use a debit card to pay Bank of Dave then BoD transfer funds to Bank of NASA subsidiary?