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  1. That's more than fair enough, sounds like a very sensible choice on your part. :) I just wish people would stop acting like babies throwing their toys out of their prams and whinging about how unfair it is. Newflash, kiddies, life is unfair. We can't always get what we want.
  2. I'm fine with paying a little more for a guest of Bill Shatner's calibre. Take into account that he's almost 80 years old and that there's a fair chance this could be his last convention over here, I think it's worth every penny. I'd be much more unhappy if I couldn't meet him at all because too many people whined about the matter of a few quid that they have MONTHS to save up for.
  3. I don't think he does personalise, as a rule. He doesn't personalise signed copies of his book you can buy on his website, so I wouldn't expect personalised autographs at LFCC.
  4. You can check your store account. Eventually the order status will switch to "Paid" there. But usually the charge shows up on the bank account first. Thanks! I've checked and it's been taken, so that's great. I feel like such a noob but I've never bought a talk ticket before so I was a bit clueless about how it worked.
  5. Don't think I have been charged for mine yet, at least I've had no email about it. Do you sent emails for this kind of thing or should I just check my bank balance?
  6. Yes, everyone but me is at ET3. And I'm afraid I am not involved with credit card processing. That will start as soon as the dust from ET3 has settled. Cool, thanks. I wasn't aware there was an event going on this weekend, but that will explain things. :)
  7. Has anyone else not been charged for their talk ticket yet? I know it can take a while for orders to be processed so I'm trying to be patient.
  8. Thats exactly it. If people truely think that it is too much then they don't have to buy anything. Agreed. True, I would be bitterly disappointed if I couldn't afford to meet someone as legendary as Shatner, but I'd just be mature and deal with it. Some people seem to be saying that because they can't afford something, those of us who can should also be denied. Which is not only unfair, but very immature.
  9. Don't you think that would happen even without a photoshoot? It's William Shatner, not famous for being fan friendly at the best of times, and on top of that he's going to be extraordinarily busy. To be honest I'm not sure why some are so upset. It's ten pounds more than most big name photoshoots, yes (and for a name like Shatner, not that much of a massive difference, in my opinion), but the event is still five months away. I know these times are horrid for us when it comes to money but there's still a lot of time to be able to save something up , I should think.
  10. I'm just thrilled SM got Shatner at all. It has to be remembered that Showmasters is a business. Their primary focus has to be making money or they won't be able to keep putting on these events for us. And for SM to get a guest like Shatner in the first place is amazing for them and I'm sure will pay off. I've had to go without things during tough times but sometimes that's life. It isn't always fair, as much as that sucks.
  11. The only time I have bought a gold pass was for the Hub 1 and apart from the drinks reception I didn't really feel a need for it in the end. At the CM and LFCC cons I've always managed to meet everyone, big names included, just by going early. For people who might not be able to arrive early for whatever reason the gold passes are good, but otherwise not REALLY essential. It's easy to meet the big names without them as long as you are well organized and have a lot of time to spare. I'm going to meet William and Katee at LFCC who I think will both be ridiculously busy, but I know as long as I get there plenty early enough it will be fine.
  12. Did you read the first post by Showmasters in this thread? They explained the reasons for the chaos at MK and have assured people it will be better this time. That said, I'm still expecting any kind of meeting with Shatner to be blink and miss just because of how busy he's bound to be. I wouldn't be expecting any kind of chat apart from a brief hello, if lucky.
  13. I hoped beyond hope it would be William Shatner but never dared believe I'd be that lucky. Thank you so much SM, this is amazing, especially after getting to meet Nimoy last year. YOU ROCK.
  14. I've met John about half a dozen times between 2005 and 2009 and he's been as generous each time. He could have changed after Torchwood brought him much more fame but he's still a gentleman with his fans and makes every effort that he can. The last time I met him he actually recognised me from previous meetings, which is staggering considering how many people he meets all over the place. He makes the effort when possible but he's only human so he might have an "off" moment or two - which I think can be forgiven considering how hard he works. Whoever wrote that article just isn't in the real world and is seeing what they want to see for the purpose of a good story. Like most of tabloid hacks. Again, really not worth the time of day.
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