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  1. I just bought my ticket & got the order conformation, when will I know if the payment went through ok? or will I only know that when the tickets arrive?
  2. This will be my 3rd. 1st LFCC 07 2nd Collectormania 12 I am now addicted, They are so much fun. Where else can you get the opportunity to put your arm around Hayden Panettiere, GURRRR
  3. I'm going to LA in Nov so I can't go to Collectormania 14. I will not be doing what you are doing, still looking on this forum because I know I will see someone announced I really want to meet & be really bummed out I can't meet them. I say that but I probably will.
  4. Walk from where? Because if you are going from CM then it is litterally a 5 min walk According to google maps its like 1 1/2 miles away, stupid google.
  5. Lets all go to the cinema to see Iron Man, it comes out collectormania weekend. Seems fitting for a convention crowd. PS. How about a mystery guest, I don't know maybe a certain Robert Downey jr or Jon Favreau?.
  6. your myspace says you are based in the south, anywhere near Weston Super Mare?
  7. Tim Curry P.S. Does anyone else see a resemblance?
  8. are you saying Quentin Tarantino was at a LFCC? if he was that is insane.
  9. outstanding, Clockwork orange, star trek generations, heroes & the legend that is tank girl. can't wait.
  10. Hello Kells, would you like to know my secret identity?..............its Richard
  11. I was looking up Michael Winslow (yes, the one that did the funny voices in the police academy movies) (Pic from photobucket) When on his website I noticed this, http://www.michaelwinslow.net/may.html According to this he is attending collectormania. (not sure what the Amsterdam thing is all about?) I hope this will be officially announced soon, it would be so cool to meet him.
  12. Bill Bixby or Christopher Reeve, unrealistic because of the little problem of them being dead instead Greg Grunberg or Tom Welling
  13. never going to happen...........sorry
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