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  1. Just for the sake of being a pedant, I met Crispin Glover at a horror Con in 2007. So apparently he would do a Con...
  2. Is there a send in autograph pre-order service available for this event? I have tried messaging through the website but have had no response.
  3. All store enquiries need to be directed to shop@showmastersevents.com If this is too general I apologize, but there is no other address. I'm slightly confused now though. You said you paid through Paypal? For LFACC tickets? I go away for 2 weeks to California and the store suddenly accepts Paypal... Thanks Petra. Have sent an e-mail. You're right, it wasn't Paypal, just a Lloyds Bank credit card. Used Paypal to order photoshoot jpgs. My bad.
  4. It would still be the general e-mail address regardless. Thanks. NOT looking for the general e-mail address. Can a mod please advise. Cheers.
  5. Can someone point me in the direction of who to speak with regarding this. Not looking for the general correspondence e-mail address. Many thanks
  6. Nothing to do with a bank, paid via Paypal. Will give it a few more days then may seek to obtain chargeback through Paypal direct.
  7. Still waiting on mine. Shame it's not come pre-show.
  8. I believe that his autograph ticket is £20. I was answering based on previous shows. His price has been confirmed as that today, yes. Thought it was best to clarify. Wouldn't want anyone unintentionally mislead by an inaccurate "best guess"
  9. so in a round about way, you're saying you don't know?
  10. I'd like to meet him again...
  11. At this point, could clarification be given over the personalisation of autographs?
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