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  1. That's alright there's no hurry, just thought I'd re-ask! Thanks for investigating :)
  2. I can't make it to CM on Saturday so Charlotte Hope from Game of Thrones to LFCC also? Haha!
  3. Great guest!!! So gutted I can't be there Saturday! :'( LFCC also? :/
  4. Kristin Nairn says he's only there sat and sun on forum and website, but there photoshoots available for the friday? Can anyone confirm if he will or wont be there friday? :)
  5. If its a Lost guest my head will explode! Game of Thrones and Walking Dead would also be perfect!!! Emilia Clarke especially!!
  6. Any of the cast of Lost, Game of Thrones and Walking Dead! Emilia Clarke being the number one priority!!
  7. Thanks for the reply :) My questions may have been a bit specific, was just really wondering how busy previous Fridays got compared to the saturday and sundays.
  8. I've been attending LFCC for many years but never done the Friday before, after how busy it was last year I'm thinking of going on the Friday to meet Emily Kinney. I know its impossible to know how this years friday will be, but was wondering if anyone knew how busy it gets and how likely/easy it might be to get her autograph? Annoying questions I know but thanks in advance if anyone answers! :)
  9. One thousand times this!!!! - oh and Emilia Clarke!!
  10. Genuinely feel responsible for it xD am I public enemy number one?
  11. Wish she was saturday to make up for Natalie happy for people who can meet her on Sunday.
  12. Because by saying it, its much less likely to happen now... right.... RIGHT?!
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