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  1. Was good to speak to you on Saturday just before you went home. Hopefully see you soon at another event (you'll probably find me in a similar place). Hello there! It was great to meet you - and I enjoyed chatting! Hope the rest of the weekend went well! Hopefully see you at another one soon! :0) Sunday, for me, was a bit quieter but then I doubt anywhere would have been as busy. If you would like to meet up before another show as the next big one after this month is not until May my email's on my profile.
  2. Was good to speak to you on Saturday just before you went home. Hopefully see you soon at another event (you'll probably find me in a similar place).
  3. I think you all forget that there are many ways to allocate something randomly. The national lottery as it is now is random, 6 numbers from 49. They could also change it to 6 numbers from 60 but have 1 ball drawn from 6 pots containing 1-10, 11-20 etc and would still be random, just not as random as the first (this is similar to football draws where there are different pots due to the ranking of the teams). Those are just two examples, I can think of more but won't bore you with them. Just remember though, those complaining will always be louder than those that are happy so it will always be disproportionate in what appears to be bad.
  4. TT might be worth checking with the office about the gloves. The last time MT was at a show they were being sold at the cash desk.
  5. It will most probably run the same as Jeri Ryan. There will be a sign and the end of Matts queueing area saying something along the line: ----------------- Pre-Paid Tickets 1-50 Virtual Queue Ticket 1-50 --------------------- It is likely the pre-paid number will then increase quicker than the VQ. Everything runs the same as normal VQ it just means you need to look at which ticket type you are. The prepaid ticket numbers will most likely (depending on time Matt starts signing and when his photoshoot is) be open within 2 hours, however the virtual queue will still be continuing. If the sign does not mention pre-paid tickets check with the crew member at the end of the line who will confirm what to do. More than likely when the doors open in the morning TooTall or a pit boss will be around the area anyway to help with any questions you may have to help the queue and VQ tickets get handled and sorted quickly.
  6. Any chance of getting the Queen after her performance last night as the latest Bond girl?
  7. There's a fine line between guest signing speed and guest hogging attendees which I think SM have got right. A simple bit of maths to give my reasons why: 1,000 people seeing a busy guest on a day, each one gets one autograph. Now SM could rush the guest and you get an autograph only and no interaction so you each get just 5 seconds in front of the guest. They could let you go through quickly but still have the time to say hi, have some acknowledgement from the guest, we'll say this takes 20 seconds. And finally they could allow each attendee to stay and chat, plus get a desk photo. Let's say this takes a minute. 1st option - Every gets an auto but is feels a bit underwhelmed with the meeting. This takes about an hour and a half. 2nd option - Every one gets an autograph and feels happy as they got to chat for with the guest. This takes about 6 hours. 3rd option - Assuming NO breaks for food/talk/photoshoot and the show being open for 9 hours - Just over half will get an autograph. Which from a fan point of view would you prefer? Obviously you would like the 3rd option but only if you are in the first half. With the second option everyone wins. Everyone who wants to see the guest does, plus they get to say hi to the guest and from a business sense more money is made. Also, the way you are allowed to take photos in the queue helps speed up the process as the amount of times I've seen people take forever because the camera isn't ready is unbelievable.
  8. If it's the Jack I'm thinking it is, I'll drop him a line on Facebook and send him in this direction. Thank you muchly!! At purple, it is the Jack you're thinking of. And Nadine, he did remember you and Missy but due to miscommunication/misundetanding he didn't get to see you to say goodbye. He did get told how much of a good time you had though and got given your thanks.
  9. If you have an issue with a crew member, please tell someone in a red shirt at the time. Feedback is helpful, but it is hard to address it once the show has finished. Sometimes, it is a simple matter of asking that crewmember to re-phrase the way they say things in future. As a first timer how are you meant to know what colour tshirts the managers wear? If you'd like me to be specific about a crew member being rude then I will certainly email whoever is in charge of such things. One guy told me how sh*t a certain Doctor was compared to the actor that he liked. I don't really care what your stewards think to be honest, I was just minding my own business waiting in an autograph queue. Fair enough you may not know who is in charge but you can always go to the organisers booth and ask for someone in charge to complain to. It helps both you as an attendee and SM to get issues sorted ASAP.
  10. @swissangel4616 When you say Jeris queues were terrible can you explain more? And the same for why you never got Gillians autograph. I know both queues for autographs were open queue by mid afternoon so you should have been able to go straight in.
  11. With VQ, most crew will try to give you an idea of when you are likely to see the guest however please note that it is not an exact science. If you ask first thing before the guest has arrived a time cannot be given as they won't know how fast they sign. Also it's very hard to tell when they will be back from talks/photoshoots/lunch and can be a shot in the dark. However as crew get more and more experienced they can normally judge when you can get in.
  12. I'd suggest either getting a comic by one of them before the show or even better getting them to do some artwork for you.
  13. Just to confirm for the new attendees: Will the seating area be cleared before the next talk attendees are allowed in (as usual) so you cannot stay in the same seat all day?
  14. I've just check Norman's twitter and he doesn't say he isn't coming to the UK. I've found the original tweet from @leahwhiteex but he doesn't reply to her. I've also had confirmation from Norman that he didn't tweet a reply. You can check it out on his twitter feed yourselves. I'd love to know where this rumour is coming from! I got this from @leahwhiteex tweets. If you look further down her tweets, she says that Norman has started following her on Twitter. Then she says he DM'd her in reply to her tweet re: being gutted about him not coming to the UK. I was only stating what she said and I did say "apparently he said" I think @Leahwhitex got confused. @TeamReedus started following her not Norman himself (they are a fan feed). Norman is @wwwbigbaldhead and verified. So the message she got is not Normans words. So as it stands Norman is going as per what Jason has said.
  15. So many reasons for but so many PRACTICAL reasons against. Having read the ideas as to what can be done I thought I'd give a few what if scenarios that can cause major headaches with the ideas of how it could work: 1. Code given AFTER the shoot to go online and download - first a web system would need to be bought/designed. Second, each photo would need a code. Let's say you want 10 photos over the course of the day with 5 guests (2 each). You now have 10 tickets, what happens if you lose 1 or all of them? You now need to call/contact SM who then have to find your photo - even with a picture of you this will take time. Thirdly, you get given only one code instead of the two you should have had, you and EVERY single person after you will now not get the correct photo. 2. Go by ticket number to match up before the shoot. This would be perfect if people queued up in ticket number and waited until they were called. Maybe this will one day happen.... 3. Take emails of those who want one and some how match them up - Time, writing an email down and getting the information back in an orderly fashion is not easy at the shows. You only have to look at the collection point to see how easy this would be. 4. Wireless transfer of photos to somehow link up with your email - three photoshoot areas one main collation point (as it stands) - to do thios would require more staff to organise at the minimum 5, which is more cost, plus equipment. So for your 'free' digital copy a charge would be needed. There are more reasons but I think that's enough to digest for now.
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