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  1. There are two crew we'd like to say a big thank you to - Chloe (I think her name was) who was running Meatloaf's queue on Sunday. She was unbelievably helpful all day and really friendly. The guy running the David Duchovny auto queue Saturday, who was also running the Christopher Eccleston photo queue Sunday. i think his name was Kev? He was awesome. Helpful, polite, funny, and not afraid to tell people to get out of his queue if they were there before being called! But there are too many crew to thank individually, so thanks guys!
  2. very happy about this as I've always managed to miss her before. Woot
  3. We also paid at HW6 so I will try and dig out the card details and send an email.
  4. Really want the in-costume photo. Met him loads of times, and this would be extra special :-)
  5. Real Name : Maxine Age/Location : 42 / Chippenham, Wilts What ticket have you got/are getting? Gold Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 7? : I am easy, we go for the con, great guests are a bonus Other Hallowhedons attended : All of them :-) Hotel at which you'll be staying : The Rad Facebook/Twitter etc. : Maxine, find me via Rhys' fb page Favourite movie? : African Queen (old and corny, but I love it!), Grosse Pointe Black, Galaxy Quest, Dodgeball, The Riddick films, The Cornetto Trilogy Favourite other TV show(s)? : Too many to list, but currently Arrow, The Flash, Elementary, NCIS, The Librarians, etc., etc. Favourite music? : The heavier the better, but also partial to Goth, 70s punk and classic 80s Anything else we need to know? : I currently have orange and black hair, it may still be like that come October, or may be all black. Or all orange. Photo? There is a reason my picture up there (points up and left) is a doodle and not me...
  6. Met him a few years back and he is so lovely. I wanted a DTTD photo but there weren't any, so he signed a HP one with a thank you from a 'friend of George'!
  7. Autos are purchased on day! Thanks, thought so I am so going to kick her backside for scaring me.
  8. Really looking forward to meeting the awesomeness that is Stan Lee, but my sister scared me at the weekend by telling me Stan is sold out. I'm assuming she meant photoshoots rather than autos, but can someone please say for sure?
  9. Forum Name: Shortstuff Real Name: Maxine Age/Location: 42 by HW6 What Ticket have you got/getting?: G14 & G15 Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 6?: I don't think I have one at the moment. Am I allowed to be unrealistic and say Joss? Other Hallowhedons attended: 1-5 Hotel?: Con Hotel Facebook/Twitter etc Not twitter, facebook - I'm on "the Captain's" facebook group, come find me Favourite Movie? : African Queen, Grosse Pointe Blank Favourite Other TV Show(s)? TBBT, Dr Who, Arrow, Elementary, Babylon 5 and far too many to put down here Favourite Music? Rammstein, Iron Maiden, Queen, Depeche Mode, Death Stars, Disturbed, The Levellers, Madness, The Beat, Sisters of Mercy, Stone Sour, etc., etc, etc. .... Anything else we need to know? It'll be my 15th wedding anniversary on the opening night of HW6. Loads more, but not here Photo? Nope, but I'm the one with the bright orange hair.
  10. Thanks Yvie. And now I'm all colours of jealous too! Have a fab time.
  11. This is a great announcement - I have a lovely group shot with him already signed by Katy Manning and Nicholas Courtney. This will be perfect.
  12. Yeah, she was so nice and a true lady.
  13. Oh yes! Unfortunately I nearly always wear a custome not suited to it so I might have to wear something easier this year.
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