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  1. jennylouise

    Crew Confirmation Emails Are On Their Way!

    Got it. Thanks! Crewing Saturday so see you then :)
  2. jennylouise

    Why is SM booking fashion models too sign?

    If I could be bothered to read through that I'd talk about how ridiculous 'this o people who go may feel threatened or ugly. Nobody should be made too feelk like that' statement is because practically every guest is pretty *sigh* Joe Flanigan...what was I talking about again? Or how this sentence 'sleeping around on cam ' is just plain offensive - or has Kays catalogue really changed that much over the years? Or really how ironic this statement is 'but when a girl gets jumped for expressing herself then god help us all' when aren't you actually just doing exactly the same things to models? But as I said, can't be bothered so I'll just say dude, buy a capital letter already. And man, 'didols' has got to be one of the most unfortunate typos I've ever seen.
  3. jennylouise

    save stargate sg1

    Nah thanks. It's got to end some time - I mean it's been going for 10 years, it's had a good run. What difference will it make if it ends now or in 50 years time when it has to end cos half the casts been reunited with the great powers that be in the sky
  4. jennylouise

    Have a Question

    And I thought the Stargate thread was safe *runs away* i'm everywhere... even pop in to wrestling from time to time, though i've no interest in that :firedevil: Really? I hadn't noticed... At least you didn't start with 'Well I've never watched Stargate but I'm going to tell you its life story anyway...'
  5. jennylouise

    Have a Question

    And I thought the Stargate thread was safe *runs away*
  6. jennylouise

    Who was that girl

    Cool, man...you mean like one of them hand models? So many girls with fake nails these days. My reply (as quoted) was better though I think No. It really wasn't *g*
  7. jennylouise

    Requests for next time

    I agree about the War of the Worlds thing. It made it really hard to hear the talks and dude if I heard it on repeat once more I think I would have killed someone *bg*
  8. jennylouise


    I saw the queue mix up on Saturday and it was a bit of a nightmare that people who got there really early got in after those who had just turned up in the '2nd' pre-paid queue. It didn't really affect me though as I didn't want to see anyone in particular so was happy to just wait my turn but our queue did have some light entertainment from the girls at the front of one of the queues, who, when 'their' door got stuck for all of 5 seconds were yelling and banging loudly on the door and then pushed everyone to get through the gold pass door. It was way too hot for that melodrama *bg* but gave us all a good laugh at the crazy
  9. jennylouise

    Guest cancellation - Christopher Lee

    Want to share with the group? I hate it when people just post and run. If you've got a point to make - politely make it and let people decide for themselves. Don't just make cryptic statements and run away. What's the point of that? Jenny Who only believes conspiracy theories when they'r ein the X-Files
  10. jennylouise

    anyone else with ticket problems

    I did. 4 days ago :)
  11. jennylouise

    Christopher Lee - so many questions !

    Ahh, but if you have another picture for him to sign it makes it easier for him to refuse the Dracula. The idea is to force him into signing the Dracula because there are no other options Well if I liked someone enough to pay £45 for them I sure as heck would like them enough not to embarrass or force them into signing something they didn't want to. Then again, if I was paying £45 to meet someone I'd also want a nice happy memory to take away with me, not a cringeworthy 'I tried to get him to sign something and he said no so I had to go get another item and come crawling back'. But then I'm just funny like that *bg* At the end of the day it's up to him what he signs so as long as the rules are made clear before hand, and there are signs up on the day then we just have to live with it :)
  12. jennylouise

    anyone else with ticket problems

    I had the opposite. My payment has gone through twice for the same set of tickets! *continues poking SM*
  13. jennylouise

    Recieved my Tickets!

    Argh. I've got my tickets but it seems that I've been charged twice for them. Yesterday really wasn't my day! Still trying to get hold of SM *pokes them*.
  14. jennylouise


    Yes. Because how dare she try to make her living doing the thing she loves rather than meeting us *g* Seriously. I'm as sad at the next person *cries* but it's not like she's done it on purpose. When (see what I did there *bg*) she's invited back I hope she can make it and I look forward to meeting her...again :)
  15. jennylouise


    *hugs* want some socks? or glow sticks? Yes! *wibble*