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  1. OMG Rey is one of my favourite wrestlers, this is an excellent guest! I was wondering what time the Photoshoot will be? We will be attending all weekend but we have a wedding to attend on the Saturday so will only be at LFCC for a few hours in the morning. I don't want to book a Photoshoot ticket only to find out that I won't be able to use it. Does anybody know what time it will be? Thanks! :)
  2. Unfortunately con crud is unavoidable at events of this size. The best way to get around it is to boost your immune system during the week before and a few days after with chewable vitamins and such (we used seven seas black current and they seemed to do the trick!) I also use vit c and zinc, which are really good at putting barriers up. Also use antibacterial gel and wet wipes, not drinking from the same bottle (people do share alcohol and water at smaller cons, I don't know if any bottle was going around at LFCC or not) and washing hands before eating anything. We escaped with a minor sore throat that went by Monday morning, probably because we hit the chewable vitamins as soon as we got back. My immune system is shot to pieces, the last virus I had went straight to my heart and I was in hospital for 10 hours back in march, so I'm really surprised I didn't catch anything else. It happens at cons, I hope you feel better soon! :)
  3. This was Buckleys Boomsticks. Great designs and a lovely girl too. https://www.etsy.com/shop/BuckleysBoomsticks?ref=s2-header-shopname Excellent, thank you! :) JJ
  4. I took out £400 and have just shy of £50 left, getting 5 autos (Casper, Dina, Carrie, George & TJ) and a double Photoshoot for Dave Prowse. I Didn't really buy anything on the stalls like I usually do as the ones I like the most (retro gaming, graphic novels and American sweets) were absolutely swamped all weekend! I did not intend on spending as much as I did but I'm happy that I did. I probably spent around £20 alone on caffeine and water from the little caravan cafe outside the venue, they were very reasonable and a lot happier and polite compared to the venue catering inside. The queues were shorter too!
  5. I'm trying to find out who the ladies were selling the modded and painted Nerf. We saw her on Friday and had a nice chat, she did tell me the name of her company but with all the chaos of Friday and Saturday, it has escaped me! I have some Nerf I'd like her to paint/mod. Can anybody help, or if she's reading this, how do I find you? You may remember us, my husband was the Bearded guy who builds light Sabers! Thank you! :)
  6. After having to leave early yesterday due to the excessive heat/not being able to move because of too many people etc, today was flawless! The queues to get in were fine, I managed to get all my remaining autos done and had a nice browse of the stalls in the final hour. Surprisingly, the queue for Carrie Fisher was the quickest we were in all weekeknd! she was lovely and apologised for the lack of personalisation. TJ Thyne was also a trooper and carried on signing even after the announcement of closure at 6pm! Despite the "disaster waiting to happen" Saturday, this has been one of my favourite LFCCs in the 7 years we have been attending! Well done, SM and crew! :)
  7. My husband and I got out twice and back in again with no problems. When did they stop letting people back in?
  8. We've been doing LFCC for several years now and this is the busiest I have ever seen it. I'm not good with crowds if I'm honest! I have been really impressed with the crew over the past 2 days. Despite the chaos outside with the queues, every crew member I spoke to on the inside was polite, calm and smiley which must have been difficult with the amount of people firing questions off all at once! I don't know how often you hear this but I know how hard you guys work at these events, so thank you all! :) As for positives, I decided I was only going to get 3 autos and have gotten 2 so far. Casper Van Dien was awesome on Friday, I'm not sure where he got his energy from but I would very much like to try some! George Romero was lovely today, I fan girled and was shaking and he was kind enough to roll my poster back up for me after signing it, seeing that my hands were full. I'm going for Dina Meyers tomorrow, so wish me luck! Also thanks to everyone who was kind enough to help me in the queues when I was unrolling/rolling my posters up! There was a really cool selection of stalls, sadly I couldn't get close enough to buy anything but I have a long list of websites to visit! Finally thank you to the ladies handing out flyers on Friday night for the vaper stall. My husband purchased a Vaper and This is a huge nudge in the right direction for him to quit for good, so thanks again! :)
  9. This one? That stuff was excellent, what was the name of that stall, I have a picture and the name is on a card at the bottom but is too blurry, something beginning with b Models. Bungley Models, maybe? yeah that's the one! Although when I saw it on Sunday it had gone down to £75!
  10. I didn't buy much in the way of merch apart from a couple of tee shirts, but I saw one stall selling original painted figures and would have bought the werewolf by the lake piece if I had the cash. It was stunning!
  11. yeah we had the same problems on day 2 and 3, as much as I loved the venue (a vast improvement size wise on Earls court!) on the Saturday th ere were no overground services to Olympia and only 3 district lines an hour (despite engineering work posters not mentioning engineering work on the overground) and on the Sunday there were no trains whatsoever running to Olympia, and no information from TFL apart from taking the bus outside. As stall holders we had to be there by 8am and this made things very difficult!
  12. We have done LFCC for the past 6 years, this year we're attending as stall holders so we can't see it from an attendee point of view but I do notice the same complaints coming up every year though. I'd like to say kudos to the security at Olympia, they have been very polite, welcoming and kind throughout the weekend.mthe venue is also a vast improvement and the free wi if has been a godsend, please do this again next year! I like the autographs being out of the way, it made it feel more cosy and didn't seem to be as crowded as previous conventions. The crew have been outstanding in what cannot be an easy job, many of them are volunteers and having spent the best part of 15 years in retail myself, I know how difficult and stressful dealing with many people and questions at once can be, so I thank them. The communication (or lack of!) is not their fault, it is down to the organisers-which is not a negative remark about SM (I understand their job must be difficult too!) and in the con business it is often fast moving and subject to change, and often out of organisers hands. To those of you who popped by our stall and purchased, I can't say which stall as I don't think it's allowed, THANK YOU! You are helping to pay for our wedding and we are very grateful and no doubt you will see us next year! :)
  13. This has been a godsend over the weekend, thank you and I hope you do the same thing next year! :)
  14. When do tickets go on sale, and when can vendors book stall space (if you are having stalls at this one?) many thanks! :)
  15. It's not hardcore collectors that we're referring to, it's people that have multiples of the same item, or (and I'm not saying this was you, Starwarsgrapher) people who cut in line with an item that they'd conveniently "forgotten about". It happens a lot at cons, and yes it is rude and annoying!
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