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  1. I saw him there too, near the dealer that looked a bit like Bill Bailey What was your last experience with him? He was very rude when asking for a pic, I think he thought he was gods gift cause he was on Big Brother! No offence to Marcus but I meant him about 2 years ago when he was rude to me & my mum
  2. Thought we were having set pieces plus the great hall backdrop from the pic's that were put on the main website, what a let down when I walked straight pass the furniture with cloths as backdrops!
  3. Anybody going to be dressed up as Chewbacca? Saw a wookie yesterday for about 5 sec's then didn't see them again.
  4. Me & my mum bumped into Mark from A1 really nice guy & was very happy to chat to you plus have his photo taken. Just like to say thanks to the crew member that took the photo. Then there was Marcus from Big Brother, what can I say not much gave him a wide birth when I noticed him, after my last experience! Was a fantasic day & wondering who I will bump into today.....
  5. Has anybnody got the link for the website?
  6. Hi All, Just a few questions regarding the Harry Potter Set. Are there any professional photo's being taken for a small charge? Can you just wander around the set's or is there going to be a certain amount of people allowed at one time?
  7. Is anybody going to be dressing up in a Chewbacca costume as my mum has been disappointed every year that we have been to LFCC or Collectormania as we have never seen anybody dressed up as Chewy.
  8. Can't wait for this love watching trailers.... Are there any updates on this yet?
  9. Hi All, Is there a list for what Free Talks are on this year? Free signings? Thanks for your replies in advance
  10. Hi All, Question: Is this a free for all set ie you can come when u like to walk around the set or is there a quewing system like the photo shoots? Can you take ur own photos or is there a member of staff around to take them for u?
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