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  1. Sidjames, you are very welcome and thanks for the comments. It was a team effort with the rest of the crew in the actual photo area keeping their end of the queue moving.
  2. Sounds like it maybe Justin to me. If he was shortish and looked like he was auditioning for that part of a mountain man it may be our lovely Justin who is forgoing cutting his hair and beard for a year for charity T'was indeed me. You are most welcome. Glad I could keep you all smiling.
  3. Thanks for the compliment - always nice after a weekend like that! Glad we was able to keep you smiling during the boring queing process, - and I know the rest of the crew appreciate you saying you had a good experience. Jusin..
  4. I was his GA last time. It was an honour and pleasure to meet him.
  5. Any Grimm guests would be cool. Met Nana Visitor at DSTL, I was her first ever Grimm signing. She was lovely.
  6. There are still shows on so people in the office as really tied up. They will get to us as soon as they can. I know it is frustrating. I am also waiting to book my room and tickets but as crew, I know how busy they are. Be patient and they will get to us.
  7. OMG. OMG. OMG. Breathe. OMG. OMG. OMG. Jason, I love you. You are the best.
  8. Sorry to inform Edward Hardwicke has passed away.
  9. Zippy1701


    Hi, if you need a roomie or need somewhere to sleep, please let me know as I may either have a spare bed or nowhere to sleep. Thanks
  10. Hey Boss, Any NFL (American Football) players would be greatly appreciated. JT.
  11. Jason, One thing to say.. To cancel a show is not nice but it is something that as a team we can recover from. Unhappy attendees due to lack of guests will kill us. All the best to you and the gang. See you in May. JT.
  12. Message received and understood O Glorious Leader P.S. Can we get a hero worship emoticon to show our appreciation for you and to suck up a little bit more. Not using the pink love one, we are both married...
  13. Less than a mile from the station... Bedford Railway Station Ashburnham Road Bedford MK40 1DR 1. Head southeast on A5141/Ashburnham Rd toward Woburn Rd 2. Turn left at A5141/Midland Rd 3. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto A5141/Prebend St 4. Turn left at A5141/Cauldwell St Hotel is at bottom of Cauldwell Street at the junction St Mary's Street. Park Inn Bedford St Mary's Street Bedford MK42 0AR
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